Rachel Glandorf is Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend

January 12, 2010

Rachel Glandorf is going to be the wife of former Texas Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy. The southern gentleman proposed to his girlfriend in a romantic and personal style. Hear all the details below!

rachel glandorf

Colt McCoy may not have been able to rejoice after getting injured in and losing the college football national championship game, but now has a reason to celebrate. Monday night, just four days after the game, he took his girlfriend to Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium where there was a surprise on the giant scoreboard. As she looked, and he got on one knee, it read, “Will You Marry Me?” Then guess what happened next! Glandorf said yes!

Then we are all left to wonder who is this lucky woman we have not heard too much about? Rachel, 21, is a student at Baylor University, where she is a star on the track team standing 6 foot tall. The gorgeous blonde also works for a CBS affiliate, doing sports reporting. She was even seen interviewing the Longhorn football team a while back. Seems like to two were destined to meet!

It is unknown how long the two have been an item but stories started circulating back in the fall of 2008. I am sure many were hoping there would be an all Texas couple for this Longhorn star. However, regardless of your thoughts on it, the two are looking to commit to each other for life. Two heartthrobs off the market, officially!

Who doesn’t love seeing a happy couple, and hearing their personal proposal story, and when an engagement fits the couple that’s even better. I mean for most, using the scoreboard at any stadium would be a somewhat generic idea. But when Colt McCoy goes to his recent college stadium with his girlfriend to pop the question, I think we can all smile. Who knows maybe I am just a sap!

rachel glandorf

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