Stephanie Slemer McGwire is Mark McGwire’s Wife

January 12, 2010

Stephanie Slemer McGwire is indeed Mark McGwire’s wife, the former Major League Baseball player from the Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals also known as “The Big Mac”. Would you like to know more about this gorgeous woman? Then keep reading to know everything about Mark McGwire’s Wife the lovely Stephanie Slemer McGwire, plus a photo below.

Stephanie McGwire

As you already know Stephanie Slemer McGwire is Mark McGwire’s Wife, and who is Mark McGwire exactly? Well some of you know Mark very well, some of you don’t know him at all, so to sum it up Mark McGwire is a former baseball player first drafted by the Montreal Expos but he chose college instead and a few years later he signed with the Oakland Athletics then with the St. Louis Cardinals. During his professional career he received several awards, such as World Series champion(1989), Golden Glove Award(1991), Home Run Derby Winner (1992) among others, retired in 2001 and last year he was selected as hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. Suspicions over steroids use were on him during his years in baseball but he always denied it until January 11, 2010 when he accepted the use of steroids.

Although his beautiful Wife didn’t know anything about it, there is no doubt about how her unconditional love and support will be in Mark’s life. Mark met Stephanie while playing with the Cardinals through a mutual friend; they got married  on April 20, 2002 in Las Vegas.

Stephanie McGwire graduated from Eastern Illinois with a degree in speech communication, then worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Tap Pharmaceutics in St. Louis they have two sons Max and Mason (Mark has a son Matthew from his previous three years of marriage to ex wife Kathy). Stephanie’s sexy body and stunning face appeared in the 2005 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated along her famous husband Mark McGwire.

Stephanie, Mark and their boys live in the quiet community of Shady Canyon in Irvine, California away from the Hollywood spotlight. Mark McGwire’s Wife Stephanie Slemer McGwire helped children who have been through physical and sexual abuse  by creating the Mark McGwire Foundation.

Take a look at Stephanie McGwire Photo here.

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