Where’s Waldo aka Tiger Woods

January 11, 2010

The biggest question on everyone’s lips was, “What really happened?!”
This is the story that won’t go away. Did his wife Elin really chase him down the driveway with a golf club?
The new question on everyone’s lips is, “Where’s Tiger Woods?”

Golf’s greatest golfer has disappeared. His mother is disappointed in him; his wife has left the country to get away from him and one of Tiger’s mistress’s is practically doing cartwheels on his front lawn to get his attention.
Bears hibernate; not Tigers. Maybe Mr. Woods is hoping he can click his heels together and make it all go away.
Cutting to the chase, did Tiger become too big for anyone to handle? Did he throw money and clout around like party favors at a birthday party. How do you keep so many people quiet for so long? To date, only the mistresses are talking! Didn’t anyone see Tiger with any of these women who were not his wife? C’mon guys why do you want to protect Tiger? Do you think the other golfers wives knew? Why is no one talking?
Back to Ms. Elin who is patiently waiting on a ski slope. Did she really knock his two front teeth out causing him to hide since Thanksgiving? Did she really chase him down the driveway causing him to crash his Escalade? To be fair, a police report filed December 3rd indicated Tiger was fine and had all his teeth.

We know what happened. Tiger Woods has been cheating on his wife Elin since before they got married. Mr. Woods has an insatiable sex drive that he has been fulfilling outside of his vows. His wife Elin caught him and tried to cut his driver in half; the hard way.

Honestly, if he were my husband I would have done the same.

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