USC and Pete Carroll

January 11, 2010

As of Sunday, USC Coach Pete Carroll is trading the sunny California skies for the gloomy skies of Seattle.
Rumor has it; Pete was offered between 5-6.5 million a year for 5 years versus the 3 million per year USC forks over for his services.

So what is the difference between College Football and the National Football League?
Well, an NFL team is a corporation versus a college. More money, more sponsors and much more bling. College players are held to strict standards such as not accepting any monies or presents from anyone for anything. (I hear Reggie Bush laughing all the way to the bank). The NCAA will hand down their findings from their investigation into USC. I guarantee this will not be pretty and USC may not recover for years.
Is Pete abandoning a legacy he helped create at a time when USC really needs him? Or is the honeymoon truly over and it’s time to look for new digs? Is Pete Carroll tired and ready to make the same kind of bank the players he has coached in the past make?
USC has not been the force it once was for the last couple of seasons. Too many player issues coupled with a coach who may have had too many lights in his eyes. It sucks when you start to believe your own hype.
Charlie Weis took a swing at Pete regarding a bed, a beach house and a grad student. Pete Carroll was less than pleased. Coach Weis did some fancy footwork to get out of that mess. Was it true? Do we care? Is another scandal created by a pissed off wife, mistress, coach really relevant?
So what have we learned today? Coaches who live in beach houses should buy blinds? Or it doesn’t matter where you live when you are bringing home bank?
I think we’ve learned to jump when the ship is sinking….

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