David Beckham Tattoo (Video,Photos)

January 11, 2010

Well don’t get too excited he didn’t get totally without clothing, but AC Milan Midfielder David Beckham gave to his fans the whole show, his incredible soccer skills, Groin, thighs, collection of tattoos and so much more. Keep reading to know more about David Beckham show, New Tattoo and more, plus photos and video Below.

AC Milan David Beckham

British Midfielder for AC Milan is back in Italy, after a couple of months without stepping on the field, and may I add that those months off the field haven’t done anything wrong in the perfect physique of the English soccer player.

David Beckham’s body has been immortalized in the Giorgio Armani Underwear campaign along with his elegant and beautiful wife Victoria Beckham, but now he gives fans something to remember him by, Yes his amazing skills on the field but also his utterly hooooot body.

In a Game held in Turin, Italy, David, along with his new team AC Milan, gave fans something to scream about; AC Milan defeated Juventus 3-0, putting AC Milan in the second place in the chart making the hundreds of fans to shout full of excitement, add to that Beckham took off his shorts  during the game, where fans could take a peek of his thighs, perfectly toned legs and his groin, Oh yeah!! you got that right his groin, just a bit of it, but enough for fans, photographers and tabloids around the world to go crazy.

Afterward David Beckham took his shirt off revealing his perfect torso, abs and his entire collection of tattoos plus the addition of a new one. David added a new Jesus tattoo on the lower right of his abs  making this his fourth Christian related tattoo (Crucifix on the back oh his neck, guardian angel off his back and another on his shoulder) his new addition in called “The Man In Sorrow” by Matthew R. Brooks. Other tattoos on Beckham’s spectacular body are his three sons names – Brooklyn on his lower back, Romeo upper back right above his crucifix, Cruz in the middle above his guardian Angel tattoo, plus Victoria’s name in Hindi on his left arm and on their 10th anniversary he added a "ring o’ roses" on his left arm.

David Beckham tattoo art is a blend of cultures, languages and religions that’s why he has a variety of Jewish tattoos, as he explains.

I’ve probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion," he wrote. "I used to wear the traditional Jewish skullcaps when I was younger, and I also went along to some Jewish weddings with my grandfather."

Other tattoos are Perfectio In Spiritu (Spiritual Perfection), Angel with the inscription "In the Face of Adversity" on his right arm, Ut Amem Et Foveam ("So That I Love And Cherish) on his left arm, on his left forearm he has a portrait of Victoria and written “Forever by your Side”.

Down his torso from his n*pple to groin written in Chinese "Shēng sǐ yǒu mìng fù guì zaì tiān" (生死有命 富貴在天 that men’s Death and life are fated. Riches and honour are governed by heaven").

David Beckham ShirtlessDavid Beckham TattoosDavid Beckham Warming UpMilan Midfielder David BeckhamDavid and Victoria Beckham Armany Ad

Take a look at some Photos here and the Videos below.

David Beckham’s Tattoo Video.

David Beckham Sexy Video.

Photos: DB/ WENN, Agent 47/ WENN, WENN, www.wenn.com

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