Rebecca Grant is Verizon Football Zone Girl (Video)

January 11, 2010

The Maxim and FHM model Rebecca Grant is now being known as the Verizon Football Zone Girl after she apparently appeared in a studio cut of an NFL football game. In this clip the 41 year old teaches us how to get football on our cell phones. See more and watch a video below.

rebecca grant

So, she still looks great for her age and would definitely be effective in her efforts, especially to men. She would appear during a football game, check. She would be teaching how to get more football by seeing it on our phones, check. Oh, and did I mention she is Rebecca Grant?! Check!

This star was born in 1968 and the NFL anchor looks amazing, and not just for her age. I feel that this is an all around smart move by the phone company giant, and not only for the guys. I think it is encouraging to see a woman age gracefully, even past forty! She definitely makes me want to try to be sexier as I age!

She was already known as the Verizon Football Girl, and has also some other big gigs. She has been featured in both Maxim and FHM. She has also been the host of other shows such as “Truck Stop” and “Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.”

Verizon has been offering different aspects of getting more football on mobile phones for quite some time. Back in September they teamed up with ESPN to offer the option of using not only your home TV, but your mobile phone for fantasy football. With all the great options they provide who couldn’t see the advantages. And then when they have the gorgeous Grant walking us through the program, it seems like a slam dunk! See the video clip of her showing the Verizon mobile football feature below:

rebecca grant

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