The Captain of the Yankees and the Cheerleader Are Getting Married

January 11, 2010

While it has not been officially confirmed by Derek Jeter or Minka Kelly; look for that invite to their November wedding.
Derek Jeter, 36 years old, is the shortstop and Captain of the New York Yankees. Minka Kelly, 30 years old, is an actress who plays a cheerleader on the show “Friday Night Lights”.

Derek Jeter has dated everyone from songstress Mariah Carey to Miss Universe Lara Dutta. He’s bagged both Jessica’s; Alba and Biel and even managed to slide in a Victoria’s Secret Model. Mr. Jeter has been labeled a ‘confirmed bachelor’ by many a news agency rivaling only George Clooney.

Minka Kelly’s dating list is very short and not as impressive. Maybe Minka’s ex John Mayer will pen a tune for the wedding. I’m sure they won’t be playing ‘You’re body is a wonderland…” at the reception.

Florists all over Manhattan are wringing their hands over the business they will be losing. I am sure Derek has a tab at more than one florist. This guy is so hot and has so many balls in the air at one time he must have every florist on speed dial.

Women all over the country are snapping their fingers with a resounding, ‘shucks’ over the missed opportunity with the baseball star.
Why is Derek giving up his single swinging life? What epiphany has Derek had to pop the question? Is his biological clock spinning out of control?

I give Mr. Jeter props for dating someone quasi close to his age. I am shaking my head like many other bloggers, ‘I didn’t even know they were dating?!’ I dropped the uh, er, ball on that one.

Since the Yankees won the 2009 World Series the team is on a perpetual high. Of course Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson did break up, ouch. Is baseball looking for a new “it” couple?

I wish Mr. Jeter and Ms. Kelly the best; please send that invite to my PO Box, not my home address.

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