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January 10, 2010

Gilbert Arenas also goes by the nickname “Agent Zero”, famous for his ongoing involvement with the Washington Wizards in the NBA. And recently for his indefinite without pay suspension, Keep reading to know more about Gilbert Arenas’ life, plus photos and Video Below.

NBA Player Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr. was born on January 6, 1982 in Tampa, Florida. His mother got pregnant with Gilbert when she was just a teenager.  When Gilbert was just two years old he was sent to his father, who raised him since his mother started to have drugs and legal problems; it took 20 years for Gilbert to see his mother again.
Gilbert started high school at Birmingham High School, but then they moved to California, where he attended Grant High School in Van Nuys, later to the University of Arizona, where he played for the Wildcats. Gilbert Arenas was elected in the Second NBA Draft by the Golden State Warriors in 2001. Although his dream was to be with the New York Knicks. 

The Golden State Warriors decided to take their chances with him, placing Gilbert at the Draft in the 31st position. But luck did not accompany him much during his first season, but still many Broadcasters had the courage to think of him as a future promise in basketball. In 2003 he was awarded the NBA Most Improved Player Award. Soon when he became a free agent, he was one of the most wanted among institutions in the league.

He finally decided to sign a contract with the Washington Wizards after the media showed their incredible selection method: throw a coin to choose between the Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers and the Warriors. After a bad start with the Wizards due to an abdominal injury during training, things started to go on offensive wheels when he teamed with Larry Hughes.

Washington had one of the most dangerous offense in the NBA, making Arenas quickly a favorite of the people. With his attitude sometimes shocking and sometimes extravagant, he is well known for being one of the most aggressive and competitive athletes in the league. During the 2004-05 season he was selected to participate in the All Stars Game, averaging 25.5 points per game and a run of 45 wins for the Wizards.

In 2005 his average rose to 29.9 points per game, to which he added 6.1 assists. Despite this, neither the fans nor the coaches chose him to join the All Stars.  In the 2006-07 season, Arenas, stronger than ever, marked his territory, scoring the decisive points in the final games against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Utah Jazz and Seattle SuperSonics. All these shots were applauded, but the most memorable for Washington was a triple from the air after the final buzzer. Subsequently, On December 17, 2006 he scored a career record with 60 goals in one game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Finally added to its statistics 8 rebounds and 8 assists to beat the Lakers by 147 to 141. 
On January 26, 2007 he was selected in the All Stars Game, but had to shelve that honor when Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats fell on his leg. The Washington Wizards barely reached the Playoffs, as Caron Butler and Arenas were hurt, and finally lost to the Cavaliers.

In the next season Gilbert now a free agent was willing on resigning with the Wizards only if the Wizards resigned Antawn Jamison as well, and as request so it was done. During that time Gilbert received a five year contract deal  by the Golden Warriors worth 100 million dollars, so the Wizards came up with a six years deal worth 11 million dollars, that certainly Gilbert took, but his injuries suffered since 2007 kept him off the court until March, 2009.

In the 2009-10 season Gilbert made his first triple double against the Pacers and a couple of days later together with the Wizards defeat his former team the Golden State Warriors. On Christmas Eve Gilbert Arenas had a gun on his locker, violating a NBA and Washington, D.C rule; and on January 1st. 2010 Gilbert and Jaravis Crittenton unloaded these guns when they got into an argument towards a gambling debt.

After an investigation was done on January 6, Gilbert Arenas was indefinitely suspended without pay, this decision was revealed by NBA commissioner David Stern.

"his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game."

Gilbert Arenas loves to collect Player’s jerseys players he has over 200 of them, all autographed. Gilbert Arenas also has his own line of Adidas footwear: the Gil Zero.
He is also the mentor of a child in Washington who lost his parents in a fire; he is often seen in public with the child going bowling or just a taking a walk.

Gilbert Arenas long time (8 years now) Girlfriend Laura Govan met in 2001, together they have two children son Alijah and daughter Izela, and soon they will welcome baby number three, Laura and Gilbert have had on- off relationship during those breaks Laura got involved with Shaquille O’Neil, causing Shaq’s Wife Shaunie to file for divorce. Laura and Gilbert eventually got engaged in 2008.

Gilbert Arenas at Hoop for the HopelessGilbert Arenas at Madame TussaudsGilbert with his Made Tussauds Wax Statue

Take a look at some photos here and the video Below.

Gilbert Arenas Video.

Photos: Carrie Devorah/WENN,

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