Brittany Murphy: 911 Call from Mom (Video)

January 10, 2010

Brittany Murphy is the talented actress who was cut down in the prime of life at the age of only 32 years old. We covered her earlier and now you can hear the frantic 911 call from her mother to police. See the video below and a transcript.

Brittany Murphy

The emergency call was released to the public by the LA police department which is something they do often to many people’s chagrin. In the taped phone call her mother is crying because her daughter is not breathing. Just imagine ourselves in the same situation with a loved one. What a terrible ordeal. Our hearts go out to her husband, mom, and entire family.

Her husband Simon Monjack is the one giving CPR on the tape, a desperate act that was ultimately unsuccessful. Her mother Sharon Murphy relays to the dispatcher that her daughter was not on drugs something that has been questioned in the tabloids. The scene unfolds in Brittany Murphy’s bathroom located in her home in Southern California. Mom tells the dispatcher that her daughter has been ill and vomiting recently before she passed out. Her haunting final words are “Brittany please come back.”

The relationship between mother and daughter was unusually special in Brittany Murphy’s life. Her father divorced when she was only 2 years old. Mom raised her essentially by herself in New Jersey, and then sacrificed everything by moving to LA so that Brittany could pursue her dream to become a Hollywood actress.

This is the same situation that plays out in the sports world. Moms and families sacrifice so that their kids can pursue the dream of playing professionally despite all the odds. Acting and athletics are quite similar this way.

As an epilogue, Brittany Murphy news is still in high demand around the net. People are wanting to see her autopsy photos and death photos, something we will never show here. Her toxicology results are due any day now which we will publish when available. Those take a long time to complete as the coroner and laboratory want to make sure they get the cause of death right. For now they are listing her cause of death as “natural.”

After listening to the video on YouTube, one Brittany Murphy fan had these poignant words to say:

Rest in peace Brittany
I loved your work
You were a role model of mine
Your death brings tears to my eyes
You remind me so much of myself…
Rest in peace

If you are strong feel free to listen to the Brittany Murphy 911 call made by her mom on December 20th, 2009 but you have been warned. It is heart wrenching as you can imagine, so the choice is up to each reader. Leave any thoughts in the comments.

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