Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover is Shirtless!

January 9, 2010

Here is the Tiger Woods Vanity Fair magazine cover which has shocked the sporting world. In the wake of sex scandals it is as if the bad boy golfer chooses not to hide. This is the picture that all these fans and foes are talking about now, Tiger Woods shirtless as if he does not care.

Tiger Woods Vanity Fair
Photograph by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Before we get any further let us point out that the Tiger Woods photo is not something newly created since news of his many mistresses broke. Instead these have been dusted off of famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz’s collection from well before the recent turmoils. The actual photo was taken four years ago in January 2006. She is perhaps as desperate as Tiger Woods these days having recently faced a dire financial crisis which almost cost her an entire life’s work. Selling a few Tiger Woods images to a magazine is just what her bank account needs.

The Tiger Woods Vanity Fair issue hits the newsstands before February, 2010. The cover photo speaks for itself. The world’s number one golfer is shown bare chested in all his animal manliness, pumping iron no less in an OJ Simpson style ski mask. The reader is teased with a textual shout of more “never before seen photos!” Inside is an interview by the photographer, more pictures, and pages leaving the reader thinking about fame in a blockbuster article titled “Tiger In The Rough.”

Some have wondered if the cover is racist although I do not follow the argument. The goal of Vanity Fair is to shock you into buying the issue. They are showing Tiger Woods in the precise opposite manner his public relations people would like him to be depicted, but conforming to our view of the athlete today in the wake of scandal. He looks like his is ready to jump the photographer, the makeup artist, and the reader herself.

In other Tiger Woods news there are unconfirmed rumors abound that Tiger Woods has entered a sex rehab program and that someone is shopping a Tiger Woods sex tape. Go figure. Stay tuned as Tiger seems to be giving his entire fortune away to the gossip blogs and supermarket tabloids. Some day we will all grow weary of the disgraced golfer and allow him to return unimpeded to what he does best, which is play the game of golf. After all that is all he ever promised to do well.

Meanwhile tell us what you think of the Tiger Woods Vanity Fair issue in the comments, and do go out and buy the edition. It will be well worth a few dollars spent.

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