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January 10, 2010

A few days ago we heard about a certain sex tape featuring our favorite Golfer Tiger Woods, but it was uncertain whether it was true or not, but now news all over have been saying about Tiger Woods’ sex tape shopped by people, and by people I mean a certain movie production company that will be the one in charge of the distribution of this video.
Keep Reading to know the rest of this outrageous yet interesting news; plus photos and Video below.

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First Tiger Woods’ naked pictures, now a sex film starring the golfer and which of the women from his harem?

Well do you remember when the alleged naked photos of Tiger Woods got into the hands of playgirl? It was Daniel Nardico of Playgirl Magazine  who commented that they were in the process to identify if the photos were legitimate at that time, sources said that the person who approached Playgirl Magazine was Jamie Jungers who took the nude photos of a very drunk and passed out Woods. Now with the discovery of Tiger Woods sex tape, it is the turn of Steven Hirsch from Vivid Entertainment (remember they were the ones that distributed Kim Kardashian Sex film as well) to taste a piece of the golfer’s cake of scandals.

A woman approached Vivid Entertainment with the tape that was filmed approximately two years ago .

"we saw maybe 30 seconds of it" and that "we’re still working to identify if it’s really him… We’ll know soon, that’s for sure." While Hirsch says he would "like to work with Tiger to put it out," Said Steven Hirsch who doesn’t think Tiger will agree on doing it so.

On Tiger’s behalf, his attorneys sent a letter to forbid any party from publishing any nude material of him, Like Playgirl that never published Tiger’s nude photos, Vivid might or might not release the sex tape, I guess it is just a matter of time to see what direction Steven Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment will take.

Steven Hirsch From VividTiger Woods  on a press conferenceSteven Hirsch and Friends

We will have to wait if Tiger Woods’ Sex tape will be out, or will it forever stayed as the hot news everyone’s expecting to see for real. Meanwhile take a look at some photos here and the videos below.

Steven Hirsch From Vivid Entertainment Video

Tiger Woods’ Sex Tape Video (News)

Photos: Rachel Worth/WENN, WENN/ Harrrison, www.WENN.com

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