Yao Ming Baby News!

January 7, 2010

Which NBA star is a soon to be father? Yao Ming, baby! The news that Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li are expecting, broke in China on Tuesday. Experts are reportedly predicting that the baby will grow up to be extremely tall. Find out more below.

Yao Ming 4

I wouldn’t be surprised if scouts are lining up outside the maternity ward the day this child is born. Because one thing is for certain, basketball is in his or her blood.

The big man for the Houston Rocket’s wife isn’t too small herself. In fact, she stands 6-foot-2-inches, which is a BIG reason why she played for the China women’s national basketball team at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

So, there are two attributes that we can safely assume that this kid will possess. One is it will be tall, and two is it will be Asian.

Ok! There are three attributes that it’s safe to assume this kid will have. With the third being – and please forgive my court talk – mad ballin’ skillz.

How did the media get wind of the baby news? Well, Ye’s good friend and former teammate Miao Lijie accidentally leaked the information while at the Shanghai World Expo. When questioned why Ye didn’t accompany her to the event, she responded by saying:

“A pregnant woman deserves less public activities.”

And that was it. “The monkey was out of the bottle man.” – Quote from Pineapple Express.

The baby has already been given the nickname YY, and it’s catching on across the Internet. How did the nickname come about? It was developed by combining the first letter of the soon to be parents names. Pretty clever, huh?

It is expected that Ye Li and Yao Ming’s baby will be born in July.

Check out pictures and a video below.

Yao Ming 1Yao Ming 2Yao Ming 3Yao Ming 4Yao Ming

Photos: www.wenn.com

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