Laura Posada is Jorge’s Hot Wife

December 23, 2007

Meet Laura Posada, sexy wife of New York Yankees all-star catcher Jorge Posada. See her photos,video and biography below.

You can read more about Laura Posada, in this article on her husbands website, or read the article about them advocating responsible choices for the holiday season here!

Laura Posada is a stunning attorney and hot model and actress from Puerto Rico. Laura began her career as a model and actress in the mid 1980s, a career which she continued during and after graduate school, and until Jorge Luis was born. The couple got married about 7 years ago. Son Jorge Posada Jr. suffers from cranio-synostosis, in which the bones of the skull prematurely fuse, before the brain can fully grow. This results in an abnormally shaped head and seizures, even blindness.

‘ I would cry by myself everyday, wondering if my son was going to be alright’

Their son has endured numerous surgeries to correct the condition. Laura Posada and her husband established the Jorge Posada Foundation to help find a cure for the disease and support families with children affected by the condition. Jorge and Laura Posada also have a daughter who is healthy and was born July 2002.

Please view the video below, it is a dedication to her husband, but she is featured in the video as well.

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    EKC Says:

    Laura Posada will be a guest on “That Morning Show” this WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21, to discuss her relationship with Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, her new book and reality show.

    Catch Salling’s interview on “That Morning Show” from 6AM – 9AM on E! Entertainment network!