Tiger Woods’ Holiday Gift to Wife Elin Nordegren (Video)

January 6, 2010

What kind of gift a man Guilty of having multiple mistresses gives to his wife, that just left him and wouldn’t let him see his kids? Would it be something that has wheels? Something Shiny? Something that smells terrific? Or would it be Many $$$$$$$? Do you want to know? Then keep reading to know the rest of Tiger’s very generous  and thoughtful holiday gift to his still wife Elin Nordegren, plus some photos and Video Below.

Elin Nordegren Natural Beauty

So What did Tiger Woods give this Christmas to his Wife? Well Just $300,000,000, I suppose This is also A please forgive, come back and let see my kids gift.

"Tiger Woods has given me for Christmas $300 million. It’s spontaneous and an honest answer Elin Nordegren gave when her friends who went skiing with Elin Nordegren to the French Alps asked her what was the gift from her still husband. "Three hundred million dollars, thank you very much," said the Swedish model. Elin Celebrated her 30th birthday there surrounded by some of her closest friends and family including her twin sister Josephine.
Or at least that is what the newspaper "News of the World" and many tabloids around the world said; It seems that after all the bad that has happened these weeks, she begins to see the positive side of this divorce.

Furthermore, Tiger Wood’s’ 30 years old wife Elin Nordegren has banned the golfer to see their two children Two years old Sam and 10 months old Charlie on the 25th of December, and  forced him and her kids’ paternal grandmother to mail the gifts. Nordegren, who is vacationing in France, has broken all ties with her husband, who for his part, has also been isolated from his advisers and plans to extend his retirement from golf until 2012.
Elin, who persists in her disengagement plans, wants to rebuild her life in the coming months in a house near the family in Florida. For now, Woods will not see the kids unless Elin considers Tiger to be in good mental health.

A friend of Elin told tabloids that Elin’s point of view towards her life and Tiger’s Gift.

"She’s 100% determined to split with Tiger," the source told the tabloid. "When she boasted of the ‘$300 million Christmas gift’ and then laughed, it was clear to everyone around her that she’s more focused than ever about moving on with her life."

While Elin was unwinding at her 8,000 dollars a night hideaway, Tiger was in his hotel room in New York where he is expected to stay ordering astronomic amounts of red bull and Vodka.

Elin is looking forward to start all her divorce preparations on 2010.

Elin Nordegren WoodsElin and designer Paul CostelloeElin Nordegren at the Ryler Cup RaceElin and Tabitha Furyk

Take a look at some Photos here and the Video Below.

Elin Nordegren Holiday Vacations Video.

Elin Nordegren Video.

Photos: Brian McEvoy/WENN, Carrie Devorah/WENN, www.WENN.com.

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