Randy Johnson “The Big Unit” Biography (Video)

January 8, 2010

Randy" “The Big Unit” Johnson retires after 22 seasons in the major league, would you like to know more about this amazing baseball player? His Early  beginnings? Personal Life? His Professional Career? Then Keep on reading to know it all, plus take a look at some photos and video below.

Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson’s real name is Randall David Johnson, he was born on September 10, 1963 in Walnut Creek, CA. His parents Carol and Rollen sent Randy to Livermore High School, where he practiced Basketball and Baseball. Later he went to the University of Southern California, where he continued playing.

Randy is a left handed pitcher whose killer fastball (often over 160 km/h), intimidating appearance (I mean Randy is 6’10”, wore a full mustache, crazy  Haircut remember the “mullet” and lack of temper) made their Professional debut with the Expos in 1988, the Seattle Marines in 1989- 1998, With the Houston Astros in 1998, two times with Arizona Diamondbacks first in 1999-2004 and again in 2007-08, during 2005 he joined the New York Yankees, and his last team were the San Francisco Giants.

Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson is now 46 years old when he announced his retirement from baseball in a conference phone call on January 5th, 2010.

Randy’s professional career has been outstanding  the pitcher got a World Series ring with the Arizona Diamondbacks, had five Cy Young Awards and was selected a 10-time All-Star.
Upon retiring, Johnson leaves numbers of 4,875 strikeouts, second only to Nolan Ryan in 5714 from the list of all time.
Also a lifetime winning record of 303-166, which made him become the twenty-fourth pitcher in major league history to exceed the figure of 300 wins.

Johnson also made two games with no hits or runs, this particular game which was a perfect game in Atlanta on May 18, 2004.
"I always wanted to walk away on my terms," Johnson said during the press conference he offered, adding that "just feel that there is not much I can do in baseball."

The pitcher stressed that now he is going through "a natural evolution that occurs when you play as long as I have done and then you have to face the reality of withdrawal.
He added that "there always comes a point where you have to say it’s time for me and I am very aware of this." 

For his latest team, Johnson went 8-6 with a record with a 4.88 ERA in 17 starts last season, even after having lost more than two months with a left shoulder injury.
The pitcher said he knew what his business was in the future, but for now just wants to spend more time with his family.
"I have no specific plans for the future, but for sure there are opportunities of all kinds, now my major concern and goal is to dedicate myself to meet my family, they enjoy it and  the same with me," Johnson said.

"Big Unit", as he was known  in professional baseball got his nickname because of his height and that was what Tim Raines called him when they collided head-first, Randy on his speech wanted to show "gratitude" to all the organizations with which he played.

"I will always be grateful to the fans who gave me their support, managers who trusted me and especially to the many colleagues who knew and who gave me much help on and off the field," Johnson said. "It is time to look forward and remember the past as something unique."

Johnson said that like any professional would do a great satisfaction and a dream come true if he gets into the Hall of Fame, but it was something that "just now" did not come out.
"It would see carried out the last of the big dreams that one individual has when it comes to professionalism, but the final decision does not depend on me but other professionals," Johnson added.

Randy Johnson and his wife Lisa have four kids Samuel (14), Tanner (12), Willow (10), and Alexandria (9). Randy also has a 20 year old daughter Heather Renee Roszell from a previous relationship.

Randy Johnson With the DiamondbacksRandy Johnson With the YankeesRandy the Big unit Johnson

Take a look at the Photos Here plus the Video Below.

Randy “The Big Unit” retirement Video.

Randy Johnson Video.

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