ESPN 3D Sports Channel arrives this year!

January 6, 2010

Everyone has been saying that 3D is the future of television, and now it appears that ESPN is taking the first step toward it by launching a new channel, ESPN 3D, devoted to airing sporting events in 3D. Will we have to wear 3D Glasses? Buy a new TV? Read more below.

ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, will be taking a brave leap into the future of television by launching ESPN 3D mid-year 2010. The first event to be shown will be FIFA world cup matchup of South Africa vs. Mexico on June 11 and the station promises to broadcast a minimum of 85 events during its first year alone. Unlike ESPN’s other networks, ESPN 3D will not start out as a 24/7 network and will only activate when broadcasting a major sporting events.

More excitingly, for us American football fans, ESPN 3D will be airing the 2011 BCS national championship game in 3D as well! Additional broadcasting possibilities include the Summer X Games and other Basketball and Football games.

I’m not sure whether the new channel will require the average sports fan to don those goofy 3D glasses to watch the big game, or whether they have figured out a way of getting around that problem. Some even say that a new tv set will be required to handle the 3D projection. Jeff Baumgartner of Cable Digital News has some interesting insight into the potential solutions to the 3D conversion problem:

“Although the launch of ESPN 3D is still six months away, the network has yet to make any final decisions on which 3D technologies it will use to produce its first slate of events. But ESPN, which has spent two years working on its 3D strategy, has some good ideas on where it will end up.”

ESPN is not the only network moving into the 3D market. USA Today reports that Discovery, Sony and IMAX have joined forces in creating a 24/7 3D network for the USA network. With two major networks branching into the 3D venue, the future may be closer than we think. Let’s hope that ESPN makes it a relatively easy transition. I am so excited to see football in 3D!

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