Tiger Woods: African Safari?

January 4, 2010

News sources are now saying that Tiger Woods is in hiding in Africa. Since leaving the public eye after admitting to adultery in late November, no one has been able to locate Tiger, or find out the status of his relationship to his wife Elin Nordegren. Latest reports reveal that he may have left for South Africa before the new year.

Nobody has reported seeing Tiger in public since he was seen lying on the pavement after crashing his Escalade on November 27th outside his neighbors house. It’s now been over a month and theories of his whereabouts range from Florida to Arizona, to yachting across the gulf. Although the latter was debunked as his yacht is still docked in Marianna, FL according to eyewitnesses. Hmmm…

Newly released information from TMZ says that people close to Tiger near the time of the accident say that he planned to get out of the country as soon as possible and go to Africa. Additionally, seeing as it was in South Africa that he proposed to his wife Elin, I think it is very likely that this was his planned destination. There’s no way of knowing for sure until he’s ready to come out into the public eye again.

It is also tough to track down what Elin is up to as well. A recent rash of stories placed her in the Alps for the new year, but a recent story by SportsbyBrooks most likely disproves that myth as well. I’m pretty sure that she’s not in Africa, as she has been seen outside of her home with the children and according to the New York Post, has spoken to the media about her impressive Christmas present from Tiger.

With so many theories of Tiger’s whereabouts circulating the media, it would be smart to wait for photographic proof of his location before declaring anything certain, and a photo like this some say would be worth up to $30,000. Time to take my camera to South Africa I think!

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