Marijuana Pepsi: Yep, That’s Her Real Name!

January 4, 2010

Marijuana Pepsi. No, it’s not a new drink. It’s the name of college counselor from Beloit, Wisconsin. Actually, her full name is Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer. Read more about this unusual name plus see video below.


Hard to believe that someone would name their child Marijuana Pepsi, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re born in the early 70’s.

You can only imagine how difficult it was growing up with that name. She told NBC News’ Contessa Brewer:

“I’ve grown into my name because I am a strong woman. I’ve had to be. I want to know, what was it about me that made her (mother) go, ‘You just look like a Marijuana Pepsi’.

Strong woman, she is. Sawyer went to college and grad school and currently is a college academic adviser. As you can see from the video below, there is a sign right outside of her office that says, “Please have a seat here if you are waiting for Marijuana.”

Normally you think of celebrities as the only ones who name their offspring in an unusual manner. Here are some samples:

Bronx Mowgli, son of Ashleey Simpson and Pete Wentz
Pilot Inspektor, son of actor Jason Lee.
Sage Moonblood, son of Sylvester Stallone
Jermajesty, son of Jermaine Jackson

Turns out, there are lots of normal people out there who have odd names as well. Check these out:

Tahiti Starship
Crystal Sunshine Turpin Lemons
Stan Still
Al Caholic
Hugh Jass (my personal favorite, LOL)
I.P. Freely
Anita Bath

We could go on and on.

So you tell me…do you have an unusual name that you’d like to share with us? I know a Dick Head. Seriously. That’s his name and he’s got the driver’s license to prove it. He loves to make bets at the bars to prove that he really is Dick Head. Leave me your unusual name in the comment section plus check out the video of Marijuana Pepsi below.

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