Florida Gators: Chandler Parson 3-Point Buzzer Beater (Video)

January 4, 2010

Chandler Parson’s 3-point buzzer beater from 75-feet away gave the Florida Gators an overtime win against North Carolina State. Find out more about the game below.

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Is it possible that the most amazing college basketball shot of 2010 happened only 3 days into the New Year? It certainly is, courtesy of Chandler Parson.

The miracle shot took place at the RBC Center where over 17,000 people were in attendance early this afternoon (Sunday, January 3, 2010). In the video you will see the forward launch the ball from well behind the half-court line just before the shot clock turns red. Immediately after the ball swooshes through the hoop, and Florida’s bench clears to celebrate. This was a big victory for the Gators, helping them maintain a respectable record of 11-3, while the Wolfpack fell to 10-4.

Despite his astonishing shot Parsons managed to stay humble. He told press in a postgame interview that he was “truly blessed to knock a shot down like that. Pure luck. Thank God it went in. It’s a huge win for us.”

Out of 23 three-point attempts Florida only managed to capitalize on 2 of them, including the buzzer beater. Which begs the question – are they shooting from too close to the basket?

Neither team was really able to pull away in this hard fought battle. In fact the lead changed 12 times with eight points being the biggest differential.

Bill Donavan described it as a “crazy game”, before going on to say, “It was a great lesson for our team. Sometimes a miracle can happen, and today we were given a miracle.”

Next up for the Gators is Vanderbilt, and you can catch all of the action live on ESPN2 at noon on January 9.


Find the Chandler Parson 3-point buzzer beater video below.

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