Kate Winslet Body Voted Picture Perfect (Photos)

January 3, 2010

See all you want of the famous Kate Winslet body which was voted by British women as the perfect celebrity body of 2009. Read about the study, see photos, and tell us if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Kate Winslet body

The survey of women was taken by an outfit called YouGov under the careful supervision of Dr. Jacquie Lavin of Slimming World. Their website is a maze at which seems to require login ids to find the report so read our article summary and visit the links included for more information.

You can review a press release about the survey by visiting this site. Read interesting reactions here and here.

The survey was not a forced choice in which a list of names are given to the respondents who might then rank them based on the ideal body type for their own preference. This was a free form response which explains why the answers are all over the map. The final ranked list of the perfect celebrity bodies is as follows:

Kate Winslet, 16%
Kelly Brook, 15%
Halle Berry, 12%
Cheryl Cole, 10%
Beyoncé, 6%
Megan Fox, 5%
Lily Allen, 4%
Keeley Hazell, 2%
Kate Moss, 1%
Jordan, 1%
Victoria Beckham, 1%

You can see that the Kate Winslet body beat the Kelly Brook body by only 1 percent of the vote so the tally was very close between those celebrities. 16% of women who participated named her body. Note that the bottom of the list barely registering is the size 0 model-style bodies of Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. One thing that both men and women on both sides of the Atlantic can agree upon is that skinny is not hot.

One important thing to note about the list is that women are ranking women in the survey. If men were participating in the list we would get a different picture. Men do not enjoy lusting for Kate Winslet or Halle Berry as much as Beyonce and Megan Fox who would certainly be ranked higher, and I would expect to see Kim Kardashian make the list. Megan Fox would probably be #1 in a man survey of most desirable celebrity bodies.

The other thing to note is that these celebrities are popular in Britain but in America we would produce a different list. Keeley Hazell has a great body but most Americans have never heard of her. Kate Moss is so 20-years ago for our tastes and we still haven’t figured out the Beckhams.

But for British women, the Kate Winslet body is the most desirable celebrity body that women want. See Kate Winslet photos below and tell us if you agree or disagree. The video is great.

Kate Winslet photoKate Winslet pictureKate WinsletKate WinsletKate Winslet body

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