Saints Bobby McCray Charged with DWI (News, Video)

January 4, 2010

Did New Orleans Saint Bobby McCray get arrested? Was it for driving while intoxicated? Did he refuse to take the test? Did Bobby McCray post offensive comments on Twitter? Did he apologize afterward? All this news is here, keep on reading to know all about Saints defensive end plus a video below.

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New Orleans Saints defensive end Bobby McCray was arrested around 4:30 a.m on Tuesday by an officer of the New Orleans police that saw him and got suspicious, the driver seemed to be driving a bit reckless and a bit drunk. Bobby McCray was later charged with driving while intoxicated and taken into the Orleans Parish Prison on charges of driving while intoxicated, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding and if that was not enough for McCray he didn’t have his vehicle registration either.

McCray refused to take an alcohol test, said police spokesman Janssen Valencia.
"You have the right to decline the test, but has consequences," said Valencia. These include the arrest and the loss of his license. " which are the consequences a person driving drunk has and if you add to that the person also refuses to take the Breathalyzer test in the state of Louisiana.

Bobby McCray was born in Miami, Florida on August 8, 1981, he was part of the Prep Star’s All-America Team, and played in the University of Florida on his college years. Later he was drafted in 2004 by the Jacksonville Jaguars and in March 2008 he signed a five-year contract for 20 millions dollars, when defensive end Charles Grant was injured it was Bobby McCray’s turn to shine with the New Orleans Saints. Bobby McCray did 26 on his own and 37  over all, this was the second highest  of his career, and  high six sacks for the team. 
"We are aware of the situation in which Bobby McCray and let the judicial process take its course," said Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said. 
His Lawyer Donald Foret made no comments just that he was going to talk to his client on Tuesday. Bobby on his side said he wasn’t drunk that his girlfriend and himself were driving back home, while his girlfriend was feeding pizza, Booby McCray also  made ugly comments on twitter about the police officer who stopped him, calling him a short guy with a Napoleon complex". McCray ‘s Twitter page was taken down and Bobby McCray posted an apology afterwards.

"I have respect for the men and women who serve the New Orleans Police Department and I never meant to convey otherwise," the statement said. "My attorneys are now handling the matter and I have faith that the legal process will rectify the situation in my favor."

Although his team took Tuesday off they return to practice on Wednesday without Bobby due to back pain, his coach Sean Payton said they will not take action on Bobby at the time.

"There’s a league protocol and it shifts to the league and we’ll follow the process and gather the information," Payton said. "Given that we’re just two days removed from it, there are still a number of steps to be taken."

Take a look at the video Below

Bobby McCray Video.

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