Javaris Crittenton, Gilbert Arenas Gun Standoff in Locker Room

January 1, 2010

The Javaris Crittenton, Gilbert Arenas gun standoff took place in the Washington Wizards’ locker room on Christmas Eve, according to reports. Find out how this alleged gambling dispute unfolded here.

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The man who goes by the nickname Agent Zero showed off his not so secret agent like skills by allegedly pulling a gun on his younger teammate on December 24. The Washington Post reports that both Crittenton and Arenas had guns in the locker room as the result of a disagreement. Currently, the NBA and D.C. authorities are looking into this outrageous incident.

It seems that ever since his return to the game from a two-year injury induced sabbatical, Arenas has been struggling. Perhaps not in points – this year he is averaging 22.7 – but more in relation to teammates, media, and as a person in general.

My question is why would anybody risk losing so much over a gambling dispute? There are so many avenues that could have been taken other than drawing a weapon in order to retrieve his money, and now there is a good possibility that he could loose much more than he was owed.

Is it just me, or are sports stars becoming more and more audacious as time passes? It seems that so many of them have a false sense of entitlement, like they are owed something, but in all reality they are already getting more than they deserve.

Suspension from the NBA, jail time, fines, and a lash back from fans are all things that the Arenas and Crittenton will presumably face if found guilty of these accusations.

It was not too long ago that rumors surfaced that Shaq was cheating on his wife with Arenas’ girlfriend Laura Govan. As far as we know, that rumor has never been confirmed.

Check out pictures and a video below.

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