Helio Castroneves: Baby Mikaella Castroneves, Girlfriend Adriana Henao

January 1, 2010

In the latest news about sexy race car drive Helio Castroneves, baby Mikaella Castroneves was born on December 28th 2009. She missed being the New Year’s baby by three days which would not have been surprising considering the good luck that has followed our favorite man behind the wheel.

Helio Castroneves

Who is the girlfriend of Helio Castroneves? Is Helio Castroneves married to the mom? These are the important questions that our eligible women readers want to know so we will provide the answers while we drool over his pictures below.

Let’s face it, ladies. This race car driver is hot with a capital H. He is talented and cute too with an old fashioned inclination to stay with the same girl. Hear that Tiger Woods? Not all super hot sports stars drop their pants in every hotel room around the world.

As the briefest biography, Helio Castroneves has won three Indianapolis 500 races which would be enough to retire to motor oil heaven if he wasn’t so damned ambitious. But he entered the Dancing With the Stars reality television competition in 2007 and ended up winning the competition with hot blond dance partner Julianne Hough.

Although small in stature, the two provide terrific charisma on camera and swept the competition as a result. Overnight Helio Castroneves became one of those unique personalities to bridge the sports and entertainment worlds.

Born in Brazil he is only 34 years old but has accomplished what many athletes can only hope for in a lifetime. 14 Indy Car wins. 3 Indianapolis 500 wins. He is in fact the reigning champion of the Indy 500 race and the only foreign-born three-peater.

He faced legal problems in 2008 which almost put the hottie in jail. IRS brought seven counts of tax fraud against him but the jury acquitted him on all counts. Good call, jurors. Now I can fantasize about him while my hubby sleeps guilt free.

In the latest news Helio Castroneves daughter was born in December 2009 in Atlanta where he lives. Mikaella Castroneves is the daughter of Helio Castroneves girlfriend, Adriana Henao. The couple are not married, at least not yet. Like Helio she is tiny. Her length at birth is 19 inches and weighed only 7 pounds, 3 ounces.

What do our readers think about Helio Castroneves? Do you too wish that you were the mother of all his babies?

Helio CastronevesHelio CastronevesHelio Castroneves
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