Mel Gibson: Mexican Jail Protests!

January 1, 2010

With all the bad publicity that has flowed in recent years toward Mel Gibson, Mexican jail protests are the last thing that the hunky actor needed. But that is exactly what happened at the Ignacio Allende prison in Veracruz where Gibson’s next film will be shooting scenes, providing the country an unwelcome diversion from preparations for World Cup soccer. See the news video below.

Mel Gibson Mexican jail

What has prompted riots at the Mexican jail is that relatives of inmates believe that their loved ones inside will be relocated to far away prisons to make room for shooting the scenes.

Reports from authorities in Mexico are conflicting which has led to the huge publicity problem for the new film. A prison director issued a statement this week saying that no transfers will take place, however two weeks ago the governor of Veracruz said part of the prison will be emptied. Unless they are going to quadruple up jail cells for weeks, prisoners will have to be moved to make room for Mel Gibson and crew.

Starting on Monday this week almost one thousand family members and concerned locals began staging spirited protests outside the prison walls. The ranks quickly swelled into a dangerous confrontation with police and guards. They ended the protest 24-hours later after the prison director issued his statement but remain on guard ready to return to the fight.

The film is called “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” which will reportedly begin shooting in March, 2010. The Ignacio Allende prison was chosen for the jail scenes because three years ago Gibson shot a film called Apocalypto at the same prison.

The new film was written by Mel Gibson himself who will star in the film. When you get big enough in Hollywood you can write things that people will want to watch even if you can’t write. But who knows. Maybe he will surprise us like the New York Jets upsetting the Colts.

About “How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” the plot is reportedly about an American bad guy caught in Mexico who is sent to a rough prison. He forms a personal bond with a young child who helps him learn to survive inside.

So no surprise that as controversy follows Mel Gibson, Mexican jail riots on the scene of his newest film seem par for the course. We do love him as an actor though and will be looking forward to the new film. Meanwhile view the video below and share your feelings in the comments.

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