Bachelor Scandal: Jake Pavelka Finalist Affair With Crew Member

December 31, 2009

Bachelor Scandal!! Jake Pavelka finalist affair with a crew member is the talk of the web and the 14th season of The Bachelor hasn’t even started airing yet! Get the scoop here!


A Bachelor scandal! Jake Pavelka, as hunky as he is, already has someone cheating on him, and it’s none other than a crew member from the show.

The New York Post reported that during an on air promo for the show, a woman reveals, “She’s been having a sexual affair with somebody else in the Bachelor House.” Don’t you just love how vague that statement is…’somebody else’. Could that crew member be another woman? Hmmmmm. Discuss.

News of the alleged cheating had surfaced several weeks ago on the website. They claim to have the inside scoop regarding the affair.

Of course, the ABC camp has not confirmed or denied the rumors.

We all remember Jake from last season’s The Bachelorette, where even though Jillian dumped him, he was able to return and inform her that Wes had a girlfriend. Wes, of course, denied it.

So just who is this latest Bachelor? The 31-year-old hottie grew up in Texas and learned to fly when he was just 12 years old. By 16, he was already flying solo. He attended the University of North Texas as well as Embry Engineering for Aerospace Science. He is an airline captain and flies for Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

He has dabbled in acting too…he played a young Chuck Norris on Walker, Texas Ranger, using the stage name Jake Landrum.

So what are your thoughts on this Bachelor scandal? Jake Pavelka was simply looking for love, and then finds out that one of the contestants was cheating on him?! Rumor has it the episode which reveals the alleged affair will air at the end of January. The 14th installment of The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 4th. You can bet I’ll be watching! You can see a video promo of the show below.

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