Eagle Coach Andy Reid and Wife Tammy’s Exclusive Interview

December 21, 2007

Eagle Coach Andy Reid an his wife Tammy broke their silence about their sons’ drug addiction and gave an exclusive interview with Philadelphia Magazine for its January edition. They said they decided to give the interview in hopes of helping others.

“The tremendous level of support and interest that was shown by many people _ even by those without any interest in our football team was stunning,” Reid said. “Tammy and I are very humbled and thankful for that.

Garrett Reid was sentenced to two to 23 months in jail in November for a car crash in which another driver was injured. Police found heroin, steroids and more than 200 pills in his car and he was using heroin on the day of the crash. Garrett Reid was later charged with five additional drug counts related to 89 pills that he had smuggled into prison.

You can read excerpts of the Interview on the official website of Philadelphia Magazine.

When he got home, we were surprised by his appearance. You’re talking about a kid six-foot-four, close to six-five, and he was 168 pounds. Oh, my goodness — this was a kid who was 260 pounds. He’d lost almost a hundred pounds.

His brother Britt Reid was sentenced to eight to 23 months in jail in November as well for pointing a gun at another driver in January. He pleaded guilty to charges including carrying a firearm without a license.

Tammy: You’re thinking, let’s try one more time. Because that’s what you do as a parent. You think, okay, it didn’t work the last couple of times, but there’s still hope. We raised these boys. We taught them to pray, taught them to ride their bikes — you see this potential in him, and you’re just not going to give up…

Read the rest of this exclusive interview in the January issue of Philadelphia magazine, on newsstands December 26th.

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