Russell Brand, Katy Perry Engaged

December 31, 2009

The latest news for our transatlantic sports fans is Russell Brand and Katy Perry engaged to be married. Read the story and see their pictures here. We have a cute video below so you can assess if the new couple deserve each other.

Russell Brand Katy Perry engaged 1

The wedding will occur sometime in 2010 and undoubtedly their wedding photos will be a hot item. This has been a very quick engagement. The celebrity couple began dating only in September. At the time Russell Brand seemed like her emotional rebound squeeze after her difficult breakup with Travis McCoy.

So who are these people and why should our sports fans care? Consider the upcoming marriage a union of sorts between England and America, a possible precursor to the national teams meeting in the World Cup finals. I actually think we can kick England’s ass in the 2010 games this time.

Russell Brand is a 34 year old comedian with a thick British accent. He is best known in America as an awards show host who likes to generate publicity by saying outlandish things on stage. Such was the case at the MTV Video Music Awards show in 2008. A lot of complaints were registered but the network liked the ratings so he was invited back for another year. In England Brand is best known for hosting Big Brother, several low-budget films, and a crank-phone call that got him kicked off the BBC television network.

Katy Perry was born in 1984 and is therefore 25 years old and almost ten years younger than the old boy. American audiences know her best for the smashing hit “I Kissed a Girl” which hit the top of the record charts in 2008. She is a California girl by birth who grew up in Santa Monica. Her talent is both singing and songwriting which we can appreciate like football players who can also draw plays on a chalkboard. She has a prior marriage to an obscure person in Zimbabwe Africa that was late annulled.

See more photos below and a cute video in which a tot discusses the news of Russell Brand & Katy Perry engaged.

Russell BrandKaty PerryRussell Brand Katy Perry engaged 1
Photos: Russell Brand, Katy Perry

Video: Engagement News

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