Dustin Hazelett is UFC Fighter

December 30, 2009

MMA fighter Dustin Hazelett is set to face off against the British brawler Paul Daley on Jan 2 at UFC 108. Read more below.

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Even though this fight has been out shadowed by the main event – Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva – it should still make for a terrific match-up nonetheless. That’s because it’s the classic grappler vs. striker fight scenario, with each contender a master at his craft.

Daley is a ferocious striker and has the capability of knocking out an opponent with a single punch, while on the other hand Hazelett is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. So, if Hazelett can bring the fight down to the mat it is probable that he will win. Contrarily, if the Brit can keep the fight standing then the victory will most likely be his.

What the striker lacks in grappling ability he certainly makes up for in confidence. Just take a look at what he said in a recent interview:

“I love to strike, exactly knocking people out… It’s a God-given gift. There’s not many people who can knock people out in one punch.”

He can sure talk the talk, but whether or not he can walk the walk will be determined on Saturday.

As a Dustin Hazelett biography:

When was he born? April 29, 1986. Where was he born? Louisa, Kentucky. Height 6ft 1in. Weight: 170. Record: 12-4

He earned the nickname ‘McLovin,’ which is in reference to the Seth Rogan comedy Superbad. He began his endeavor in the world of martial arts in his teens, and that eventually lead to a successful career as a professional fighter. He made his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut back in 2006, and lost to Tony DeSouza. One of his career highlights is receiving the “Submission of the Year” title from Sherdog.

Who do you think will win Britain or Ohio?

Check out a video of Paul Daley in action below.

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Photos: Rachel Worth/www.wenn.com

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