Leigh Anne Tuohy is the Real “Blind side” Mother Photos and Video.

December 30, 2009

In the movie The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock played the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, but in real life Leigh Anne Tuohy is Sean Tuohy wife, mother of Sean Jr. and Collins, and Leigh Anne is also the adoptive mother of Ole Miss left tackle Michael Oher, now with the Baltimore Ravens. Want to know more about the life of Leigh Anne Tuohy, then continue reading to find out everything plus pictures and a video below.

Leigh Anne and Collins Tuohy

Leigh Anne was born in Memphis, Tennessee where she still lives, she attended Briarcrest Christian School like her children did and then went to the University of Mississippi, where she became a cheerleader and met her future husband, Sean Tuohy.

With such different lifestyles they did not think that their lives would intersect, Sean a fervent Catholic and Leigh Anne a devoted evangelical but fate had a different plan for them. That was how Sean Tuohy married Leigh Anne Roberts in 1981 and had two children a son Sean and a daughter Collins.

Then the Tuohy family would welcome in their home young Michael Oher to whom life had not treated him well at all, after being separated from his mother due to her serious drug addiction, Michael lived in several orphan houses until Leigh Anne found him and gave him the warmth of a home and the love and security of a family.

Leigh Anne and Sean live in Memphis and own several restaurant chains such as Taco Bell and Long John Silver to name a few. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy also have been responsible for the rapid growth of evangelical churches in Memphis.

Love, tenacity and security and so much more were the ingredients that Leigh Anne gave Michael Oher’s life; she was conveyed in defeat all of the challenges and fears Michael overcame in order to achieve all he has done so far.

Leigh Anne Tuohy managed not just to look into Michael’s eyes but into his soul, she saw that even though Michael was a really big intimidating guy, he was far more afraid of others than others of him , Michael’s lack of self confidence made him not been able from look at anyone’s a eyes directly  just to peep, he was too afraid, but Leigh Anne Tuohy’s love chase all those fears away.

The Tuohys, but specially Leigh Anne, helped Michael on graduating with his classmates after flunking every subject in his class, get accepted at the University of Mississippi like his adoptive parents, even though he received many offers from other universities; and eventually was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first draft round in 2009.

"When I moved in with Leigh Anne and Sean," said Michael, "I felt loved. like part of a family."
And Leigh Anne said, "I loved him as if I birthed him."


Leigh Anne is a wonderful woman and a great example to follow for this and more was the subject of inspiration of the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, written in 2006 by Michael Lewis, was the book inspired for the film The Blind Side directed by John Lee Hancock, which was brought to us in the big screen the life of this incredible woman, her family consisting of her husband Sean, her children Collins, Sean and of course Michael.

Leave your comments about this story and about Leigh Anne and dont forget to check out the photos and video below

Leigh Anne Tuohy Video

Michael Oher’s life Video

Photos: PNP/ WENN, www.WENN.com.

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    marsha Says:

    Blindside…my favorite movie of all time.It makes me wish I could have known this incredible woman and family.God bless you all!