Paul Teutul is Orange County Chopper’s Star (Photos and Video)

December 29, 2009

I’m pretty sure you all know who Paul Teutul is right? If you don’t I will tell you all about him. His early years, how he started Orange County ironworks and choppers, His Tattoos, His sons and daughter, Oh yes!! he has a daughter I bet you didn’t know that, and his outrageous lawsuit against his son Paul Jr. All that and so much more is here!! Just keep reading to know it all, plus some photos and video below.

Orange County Choppers Star Paul Teutul

Paul Teutul Is Orange County star but he is also a U.S Marine veteran from the Vietnam War which explains a lot about his temper, I mean he is so demanding, Neat, shows so much discipline in his work and those arms let’s be honest for a 60 year old guy he has a damn good physic.

But let’s start from his hometown, Paul Teutul was born in Yonkers, New York on May 1st. 1949. He married Paula Teutul with whom he had  four children Paul, Michael, Daniel and Cristin. Paul later divorced his wife Paula and married Beth Dillon two years ago. All of Paul’s sons help him on Orange County choppers except for Cristin who attends nursing school in Rochester New York.

Paul’s first inspiration towards motorcycles started by the ones he saw on films and on the street and that is how he started building them for sale with the Orange County Choppers since 1999, and subsequently  the reality show American Choppers released in 2002  by the Discovery Channel  and in 2007 the show was moved to TLC.

Paul Teutul’s famous business along with his temper had collaborated with music videos such as Nickelback’s “Rockstar”, and movies like John Travolta and Tim Allen’s “ Wild Dogs” plus TV appearances on “Long Way Round” By Ewan Macgregor, and on Family Feud featuring the entire Teutul Family in 2008.

Paul Teutul a.k.a Orange County Star, also has  a passion for tattoos he acquired them from time to time when he needs to express a feeling on his life, but he had also two tattoos of his babies and by babies I mean his two bull mastiffs Marty and August.

Paul Teutul’s life had a rough ride before Orange County, he recalls on his book “The Tale of the Teutuls” where Paul tells how he experiments  with almost every drug there is and alcohol as well, his addiction had him missing most of his children’s childhood and gave them a bad example in their lives which led them to experiment with drugs as well, Mickey recently finished a drug rehab Program. Also in the book he  recalls that one of the greatest moments in his life was getting sober; his soberness led him on getting sort of addicted to weight lifting. Paul Teutul also wrote another book in March called “The Ride of A Lifetime” where he describes his life, family and business.

But unfortunately his dark days with drugs, the process of getting sober and staying sober affected Paul Teutul’s temper and not in a good way, his constant fights with his son Paul Jr. had been featured on the reality show American Chopper several times and cost Paul Sr. to fire his son Paul Jr. and ultimately sued him. After Paul Jr. got fired by his father he got involved in his own business called JR Designs that is a Consulting and Marketing Business.

This is the latest news on the Teutuls and a very sad and shameful one, the thing was that Paul allegedly can purchase his son’s stocks from Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc, but Jr. refuses to sell, so now Sr. sues him for over a million dollars for damages and wants the court to force Jr. on selling Paul Sr and is also suing Orange County Choppers Inc.

Orange County Choppers Inc.Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr.The Teutul  s BikeThe Teutuls ready for a rideThe Teutuls singing autographs

Well now you know Paul Teutul’s life much better, but take a look at some of his photos and video below.

 Paul Teutul’s Interview Video.


Photos: Chris Connor/WENN, Judy Eden/WENN, Patricia Schlein/WENN, Rachel Worth/WENN,

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5 Responses to “Paul Teutul is Orange County Chopper’s Star (Photos and Video)”

  1. 1
    Jesse James Says:

    Paul Sr. wasn’t in the Marines. He was a merchant marine where he served on a supply ship. He enlisted in the Merchant Marines so he keep from going to Vietnam the little sissy!!!
    It was his son Paul that made the bikes successful. Paul Sr. idea of old school is a joke. I wouldn’t take one of his bikes if he gave it to me. He’s a rotten father. It’s ashame that he could be such a Dolt and be successful. Who sues their own son? That says a lot about his character or lack there of.

  2. 2
    DMLee Says:

    I could not agree more with our comments.Paul Jr. helped make OCC what it is today but Paul Sr. is so threatened by his own son (jealous) that he would never give him credit . But I think that the public/fans have seen enough on the shows season after season to know what the real deal is . He has got rich and business is a booming!And he pushes his own kids away so that he gets all the credit and all the money ! And he has let JIM and JOE take the place of his kids . Of course those two are going to stay stuck up SR’s ass pumping him against his kids because they are all of a sudden in the spot light and probably in the will to inherit OCC ! WHAT A JOKE … the more I see PAUL Sr. run his kids down the more I dislike him ..certainly will not be getting the father of the year award !! I hope paulie kicks his DAD’s A– if I was loaded I would call him up and get him to design me a bike ..

  3. 3
    Team Jesse Says:

    I am dying to find out if Sr. FINALLY has the heart attack he kept warning Jr about…

    red sox nation

  4. 4
    fleece4you Says:

    I could not agree more with our comments.Paul Jr. helped make OCC what it is today. Paul Sr. is a disgrase to fathers and familys. But I think that the public/fans have had all we can take of Paul Sr bad mouthing his sons. Not only Paul Jr and Micky, but all of his sons. None of them even talk to his so who is wronge all his sons or him! . I hope his business takes a dive. WHAT A JOKE … the more I see PAUL Sr. run his kids down the more I dislike him ..certainly will not be getting the father of the year award !! I hope paulie kicks his DAD’s A– if I was loaded I would call him up and get him to design me a bike ..

  5. 5
    kim couterman Says:

    This whole family feud is krazy both sides need to put the money asside and remembet what family is all about.
    I come from a family of 8 kids me being the youngest and our family hasnt been the same something went wrong years ago and sad thing is something went wrong from constant being apart of eachothers lives from birthdays holidays ect to occasionally getting togother during the holidays. Families should except eachother and respect eachothers choices whether good or bad realizing what family really is.
    Families arent perfect but we are who we are and if you dont have that then you have nothing.

    Yours truly
    Kim Counterman
    Oklahoma city Ok