Want to Ruin Romo? Wear The Jessica Simpson Mask

December 21, 2007

Heh…in an attempt to distract Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo yet again, a new website has popped up – RuinRomo.com, where you’re able to download and print out a Jessica Simpson mask to wear to the next Cowboys game.

Follow these simple steps, according to Ruinromo.com:

1) Buy Tickets to the next Dallas Game.
2) Print out this picture in Full Color. (Here’s the link.)
3) Cut out eyes and head.
4) Paste or tape to a heavy piece of paper or cardboard.
5) Paste popsicle stick to bottom for easy handling.
6) Bring it to the game and let Tony know Jessica is there for him!
7) Celebrate after your team wins!

Hi-lar-ious!! Maybe we can get Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg from SNL to do a little parody of this one…heh.

Dallas plays the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and I can’t wait to see how many of those fans will be wearing a Jessica Simpson mask.

We told you of how Tony had the worst game ever last Sunday against the Eagles, while Jessica was watching from the stands, and even Terrell Owens had something to say about it (even though he claims he was just joking).

I just wonder what Jessica’s thinking about her very own Jessica Simpson Mask…dare she attend another Cowboys game? Heh.

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