Kate Gosselin: TV Show Momlogic Canceled?

December 27, 2009

Recently divorced Kate Gosselin has been reportedly dropped from a new “Momlogic” TV show according to reports surfacing on MSNBC and Radar Online, while another show is still game on. Read the details here as the mom of an entire future baseball team attempts to move on without Jon Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin

The pilot episode for a new Kate Gosselin talk show was taped three months ago. Kate would have starred with moderator Rene Syler, author Lee Woodruff, and Food Network host Paula Deen. The Momlogic TV Show will be in the same format as other successful group talk shows like The View appearing on daytime television.

Kate Gosselin has had her share of news lately. We would say ups and downs but in reality it has been mostly downs. She seemed to have a wonderful life albeit filled with more kids than most of us could imagine.

The touch football and t-ball games at the Gosselin house would have been fun. But that is all over now. We, her doting fans, have had to endure the Kate Gosselin divorce, Jon Gosselin affairs, and enough rumors of sex with friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers to send us to a nunnery.

Still I like to listen to Kate Gosselin talk. There is something very soothing about her carefully constructed sentences in the Jon and Kate show which is very real from the heart. I do not agree with the Baltimore Sun which called her intellectually and verbally slow for appearances on The View in 2009. Do you? She is just careful when she talks like most people ought to be. You can see a video below.

Whether or not she joins this new show there are other projects in the works for Kate Gosselin. She was recently seen shooting videos in a place called Finch’s Restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina for a new TLC show. In the segment made public she is serving breakfast to customers. Oh joy. TLC is the show which produced Jon & Kate Plus 8.

So that is our latest Kate Gosselin news for the week. One Kate Gosselin show reportedly canceled while another is game on. What do you think about Kate’s new gigs?

Kate Gosselin TV Show Video (The View)

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One Response to “Kate Gosselin: TV Show Momlogic Canceled?”

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    crystal Says:

    I dont watch her show anymore because shes just plain rude and thinks shes all that, I do watch other shows about large families and none of those moms are walking around in way to small bikins,arent media junkies, acting like they are celebrities. She just makes me sick, cant wait for the day when TLC realizes her 15 minutes are way behind her!!!!