Joe Namath’s Dogs Attack UPS Driver

December 27, 2009

Famed New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath’s dogs attacked a UPS driver according to reports. The former Playgirl model and Super Bowl champion has been sued by UPS driver David Gunter. As you know a picture tells a thousand words.

Joe Namath

After watching mail carriers deliver package after package to our home during the holiday shopping season I have nothing but respect for their work. They work through rain, sleet, and even snow covering a large amount of delivery territory in a given day.

How would my sexy squeeze have gotten a new basketball hoop, Shark’s jersey, Game boy and Warrior tickets if it were not for our heroic mail carriers at UPS, Fed Ex, and the U.S. Postal Service? By God they deliver Sports Illustrated every freaking month don’t they?

But my compassion for their heroism in our neighborhood ends when they go about suing a sports legend and hero like Broadway Joe Namath. Okay, so you got an arm bit off or two. Maybe you need brain surgery. Trousers got bit as you leaped for your life into the back of the truck.

Fine fine, I get all that. We are talking about Joe Namath. He helps little kids. He transcends sports and mail carriers, even UPS drivers who seem to be full of themselves these days.

In all seriousness David Gunter is alleging serious injuries in his lawsuit. He says that Joe Namath’s dogs attacked him in 2007 while he was delivering mail where Namath lives in the town of Tequesta, Florida. Gunter says that he has been unable to work since due to several surgeries on his knees and back. The lawsuit was finally filed in December 2009 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Joe Namath’s dogs are a Labrador, Weimaraner and German Shepherd. At least the macho quarterback does not own a poodle. Leo the Labrador appears to be particularly dangerous. A judge has ruled him a menace to society for four incidents of attacking people.

Marvel at this bald guy on a video talk way too seriously about Joe Namath’s dogs and drinking problem. If you can get through it without falling asleep let us know what you think in the comments.

Photos: Tina Paul / WENN,

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