Cristiano Ronaldo’s Book “Dreams Fulfill” (Video)

December 26, 2009

Are you a Cristiano Ronaldo fan? if you are, then you probably know about Moments, the first book Cristiano released a couple of years ago, and for sure you know about Dreams Fulfill presented in Madrid on December 16, if you do then you are for sure a 100% fan if you didn’t, don’t worry I’ll tell you all about it. Keep reading I’ll tell you all about the sexy Player of Real Madrid, plus some utterly hot photos and awesome video below.

Elegant Cristiano Ronaldo

But first let’s go back a bit to Moments Shall we? let’s start by saying that, “ Moments" is the title of the book from Cristiano Ronaldo’s life, produced by the publisher Ideas & Directions, Pedro Paradela de Abreu, written by journalist Manuela Brandao and is illustrated with photographs by journalist Jorge Monteiro (both from Gestifute), the books was released on July 7, 2007 at the Hotel Dom Pedro in Lisbon to representatives of the Social Communication. The preface was written by the great Bobby Charlton, Manchester United’s figurehead and world football.

This book of 176 pages, is not a biography, it is a book that seeks to highlight some stories and experiences at that time the star of Manchester United had.

Moments  recounts the immense Cristiano’s love for his family especially his mother, how much sad he felt when he left home to train in a football academy in Lisbon.

You can also read about how Cristiano besides football likes ping pong, tennis and cooking, how important are fans for him and never refuses to sign autographs, so came up with a skillful technique if a group of fans is big he will sign using his initials and his original signature with a smaller group of fans.

He speaks of the team where he  became the football star he is now, Manchester United and the great honor he had playing in Portugal’s the national teaml. Moments was released two years ago. This year Cristiano Ronaldo brings us “Sueños Cumplidos” or “Dreams Come True”.

Real Madrid’s Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, presented on Wednesday December 16 his biography, "Dreams come true ‘, written by journalist Enrique Ortego and edited by Everest.

The presentation took place at the Bernabeu Stadium, where Cristiano Ronaldo was supported with team president Florentino Perez, Secretary of State for Sport, Jaime Lissavetzky or chairman of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alejandro Blanco.
Also attending the ceremony was executive vice president of the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sanchez, several club directors and Jorge Valdano, general manager and assistant to the Chair.

The volume is just "the first child for what is expected to be a large family, a collection of some ten or twelve, dedicated to Real Madrid," Ortego explained. "Start with the best player in the world, with permission from Messi, it seemed like a good idea,".
Since that day, followed Cristiano’s career and he believes that "has fulfilled all his dreams", like the title of the book. Dreams Fulfill has 190 sheets, "easy to read and is presented with many photos in which you can see his path.

Meanwhile, Florentino Perez, welcomed this initiative and considered that "the Real Madrid is well under way, although much remains to be done." "Having the best is one of my obsessions," said the president and did not hesitate to praise the player.
"It has a high sense of commitment and a unique talent. Of all his virtues, highlighted his appetite for titles and ambition to improve every day. Live the sport as a religion and I do not think you really understand it because there are many topics that not true. Cristiano and the Bernabeu are a perfect match. But the best of these dreams are still to come, "he added.
Finally, Ronaldo himself acknowledged that "it is a honor to have had the privilege of starring in the first book of this new adventure, and wished not to be" the one ", thanking them for their support at all.

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Take a look at some photos here plus Cristiano Ronaldo’s Books Video Below.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Book Moments Video

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Book “Dreams Fulfill” Presentation Video

I found this video of Cristiano’s new book but is in Spanish, but let me tell what is it about; the Spanish press presented Cristiano’s new book Suenos Cumplidos( Dreams Fulfill) to the world, along with the writer journalist Enrique Ortego, Jose Valdano, Enrique Sanchez plus Ortego’s inspiration Cristiano Ronaldo. When Cristiano’s time to talk came he expressed his great joy and how pleased he feels to be the first of many Real Madrid players to have his own biography.


Photos: Michael Wright/WENN, 247 images/WENN, Brengola –Diena/WENN, Steve Searle/WENN,

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