Brittany Murphy Funeral Update

December 24, 2009

The Brittany Murphy funeral ceremony is underway in Hollywood, California. Here is the latest news update on what is happening both before and during the memorial service.

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Earlier Right Fielders reported on efforts to locate the live blog or webcam. Although paparazzi are recording the comings and goings of family members during the funeral, we can report there is no live video coverage available of the funeral.

The San Francisco Examiner is reporting on a weird and mind-boggling coincidence. Brittany Murphy starred in a movie called Deadline in which she is filmed lying dead in a bathtub. The film is set for release and the studio is trying to remove the movie poster pictures of Brittany Murphy dead. We don’t blame them. You can see the trailer below which is the source of all the fuss.

The funeral service itself is held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park as we reported earlier. Brittany Murphy’s father is Angelo Bertolotti, and he was not invited according to our friends at Popeater.

Security is very tight so that the paparazzi do not invade the family’s privacy. Police are everywhere. A source told the gossip site TMZ that there is “adequate security” in place to ensure a smooth funeral.

There are 20 family members and close friends attending the service which is being held at “Church of the Hills” at the Forrest Lawn Memorial Park. The choice of burial for her body is at the Bright Eternity section of the cemetery. Amazing Grace is being sung at the grave site according to the family’s choices. The same song was sung at my dad’s funeral.

Later in January the public funeral service will be held. Details are not yet known because the event is still in the planning stages. It is being done for her fans who are numerous.

The Brittany Murphy autopsy photos are still in demand according to our pulse on the internet. Why anyone would want to see a picture of Brittany Murphy’s dead body is beyond us, but we understand the interest in morbid topics. But you won’t find them here, ever.

See the trailer video of Brittany Murphy dead in the movie Deadline. She is not really dead of course. This is Hollywood, but the graphic portrayal if very spooky.

We will have more news of the Brittany Murphy funeral later so check back.

Brittany Murphy Deadline (Video)
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