Jennifer Hudson Pregnant Rumors, News False

December 24, 2009

Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant again? More rumors flooded fan sites and gossip blogs this week, but we can safely report that the rumors are false. Jennifer Hudson is not pregnant with her second child. See photos and a video here.

Jennifer Hudson pregnant

Although certainly biologically possible, the idea that she would be pregnant only four months after her first child was born would stretch the bounds of reason. Give her a break.

How many women even want to do that nasty thing a month after giving birth? Suckling babies on my boobs doesn’t make much room for a romantic environment for women and their hubbies.

Above is a picture of Jennifer Hudson pregnant where she is doing a good job of hiding her baby bump, but this photo is from 9 months ago when she was 4-months pregnant with her first baby boy.

We doubt that the entertainer would let herself get knocked up so soon after giving birth. She has a career to resume after all. Jennifer is recording her 2nd album due for release in April 2010 and she is on her way to Africa to film a movie about Winnie Mandela, who is Nelson Mandela’s wife. She has the lead role which is truly news.

Nonetheless we had to investigate the Jennifer Hudson pregnant story as if there might be some validity to it. Setting the record straight was not difficult because her publicist has addressed the baby rumors already:

“Contrary to what has been falsely reported, Jennifer Hudson is not pregnant. Jennifer leaves in April for South Africa, where she will portray Winnie Mandela in the feature film Winnie.”

Jennifer Hudson’s boyfriend is David Otunga. He is the father of her first baby David Jr, who was born in August 2009. One baby Otunga is clearly enough for now.

The couple is happily engaged and getting a head start on family life already. However, the next domestic news we will report on the actress is the Jennifer Hudson wedding ceremony which is a closely guarded secret. It will occur sometime in 2010 and we will have the details.

But is Jennifer Hudson pregnant again? No! There is only one Jennifer Hudson baby so far, and he is cute enough.

Jennifer HudsonJennifer HudsonJennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson pregnant
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