University of North Carolina Players Assaulted By Two Women (Photos)

December 20, 2007

Monique Jenice Taylor, Tnika Monta Washington and Michael Troy Lewis assaulted University of North Carolina football players Sunday.

Three University of North Carolina football players were attacked by two women (Monique Jenice Taylor, 28, and Tnika Monta Washington, 29) and a man (Michael Troy Lewis, 32) over the weekend, and two of those players were sexually assaulted.

The attack occurred early Sunday morning at the players’ apartment off campus. They were all bound with tape, and the male suspect had threatened one of the players with a knife.

The players and the suspects met at a bar Saturday evening and went to the players’ apartment afterwards. One of the players was inebriated and brought to his room, and the other two players had consensual sexual contact with the women. As the players became uncomfortable with the situation, they told them to stop. None of the players were injured.

Police were summoned and found two of the victims bound and only wearing boxer shorts, the other victim had his clothes on, but was tied up. Police arrested both Taylor and Washington. Lewis turned himself in on Wednesday after he fled from police Sunday morning.

The names of the players were not released.

See more photos below of Monique Jenice Taylor and Tnika Monta Washington below.

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