Javier Vazquez Traded

December 22, 2009

Javier Vazquez, of the Atlanta Braves, has been traded to the New York Yankees. Find out who else is coming and going, along with photos and video below.

Javier Vazquez Melky Cabrera

It’s a done deal for the Braves and the Yankees, as Javier Vazquez, the right handed pitcher for the Braves was traded to the Yankees in exchange for Melky Cabrera.

Who else is involved in this trade? In addition to Cabrera, the Yankees ship out Mike Dunn and Arodys Vizcaino to the Braves, who in return send the Yanks Boone Logan in addition to Vazquez. It’s a coming home of sorts for Vazquez, who had pitched for the Yankees back in 2004, before he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Randy Johnson. His prior season with the Yankees was his career worst, where he had a 14-10 record and an ERA of 4.91.

Vazquez, 33, comes off with a 15-10, 2.87 ERA last season with the Braves. He is clearly a fan favorite, and the folks over in Atlanta are none too happy. As Mark Bradley put it:

Javier Vazquez for Melky Cabrera. The Braves’ best pitcher for the Yankees’ eighth- or ninth-best player. The anchor of a good rotation for a guy who isn’t really a big bopper.

I’ll have more to say on this later and at greater length, but for now I leave you with these words:

Frank Wren = Epic Fail.

Of the Javier Vazquez trade, Atlanta Braves executive vice president and general manager Frank Wren had this to say:

“We appreciate the great year that Javier Vazquez had for us in 2009. However, with the depth of our starting pitching, we were able to make a trade for Melky Cabrera that improves our club in another area, as well as adds two top prospects to our organization.”

Okay folks, what do you think of Javier Vazquez traded to the Yankees? Leave me a comment, plus see more pictures and video below.

Javier VazquezMelky Cabrera

Photos: Wikipedia.org/chrisjnelson, kidsire

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