Chris Henry’s Death Investigation Video

December 22, 2009

The latest news regarding Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry is all around, will his Fiancée be charged? Was it a suicide? When will the funeral take place? Where? All this information is here plus a video below, Keep reading.

Chris Henry

The latest news concerning Chris Henry’s death released by media are that Chris was having a domestic dispute wit his girlfriend Loleini Tonga, he might or might not have frightened her so she ran away, he jumped in the back of his pick  up truck that was been driven by Tonga and according to Chris’ neighbor, he threatened Loleini to kill himself if she run away so he jumped off the truck. The witness was identified as Lee Hardy and this is what he heard Chris saying to Loleini:

"If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself."

Later a 911 dispatcher received a call: the caller said they saw a man shirtless with a cast beating the back of pick up truck window, and a second call received by 911 where the caller told the dispatcher they saw a man who seems lifeless lying on the curve of the residential street.

With the help of these allegations Lorelei Tonga has not been charged yet, and police said the investigations will continue.

"There is nothing new to report. She hasn’t been criminally charged in his death, nor has she been cited for any traffic violations," police spokesman Robert Fey said Monday. "That said, the investigation into Mr. Henry’s death continues." police also declared that after Chris jumped  Loleini got off the truck to help Chris, who died 18 hours later in  Carolina’s Medical Center, an autopsy was made later revealing that Chris’ cause of death was Blunt- force trauma on the head, caused when Chris jumped off the truck and severely hit his head on the pavement.

As to Chris Henry’s Funeral, plans are to be held on Tuesday in Alario Center in Louisiana. His family along with his Cincinnati Bengals team mates and staff are expected to assist with the funeral, but we are not sure if Loleini and her children will be there.

Take a look at the latest video about Chris Henry’s death investigations.


Chris Henry’s death investigation and Funeral News Video.

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