Oakland Raiders Tommy Kelly lost his pants Video

December 22, 2009

Sunday’s football brought excitement, joy and a lot of skin, which we witnessed when the Oakland Raiders faced the Denver  Broncos, and defensive tackle Tommy Kelly lost his pants. Check out this news plus the revealing video below.

Tommy Kelly with his pants on

In a game between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, a Raiders player, Tommy Kelly, lost his pants while playing against the Denver Broncos. With just under seven minutes into the game, the Broncos were a few meters away from a touchdown that would have given two scores. Denver tried to run the ball, but without success. They were also unsuccessful when Tommy Kelly was trying to keep his pants on, which somehow fell during the game, revealing a naked Tommy Kelly on the field, but don’t worry Tommy was prepared in case of too much exposure.

It all happened when defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, rookie running back&#160 and Knowshon Moreno, who seemed unstoppable,  when Tommy Kelly reached him, he knocked him down and they started struggling on the ground, it was just a big pile of big guys, but when they got up, Tommy Kelly’s pants where still on the ground; thank  God Tommy was wearing a jock strap underneath his compression shorts, so not much of that was showing and the game was safe and so the audience was able to breathe again, I mean that wouldn’t be a pretty picture to be left in anyone’s mind.

I think that the old expression used  in football of how football players kick so hard they they knock their socks off, I guess that in Tommy Kelly’s case he knocked so hard that he knocked more than just his socks off. Later on in the game luckily Oakland was able to score the winning touchdown, the Raiders beat the Broncos 20-19 with an incredible comeback by JaMarcus Russell who went in the game after Charles Frye got injured.

Kelly is not the first player to show some skin of his body this season. In November the back of Devin Hester was in the national television audience in the U.S.

Take a look at Tommy’s video plus other players flashing some skin

Tommy Kelly Flashy Video

Devin Hester pants down Video


Photo:  Wikipedia.org/midx1004.

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