Lingerie Football League Sexy players and Sexy Uniforms Allegations

December 20, 2009

The Lingerie Football League players have very attractive bodies with curves that make spectators’ eyes roll, curves that are shaped with tiny uniforms that make football the sexiest sport ever, but are these uniforms not appropriate to its players? are they comfortable with them? and in a sudden movement may or may not show more than a good move? Are players forced to wear nothing under them to prevent a bit of this and a bit of that showing? Allegations have been raised and clarifications have also been put on the table. Read on to know more about this news below, plus photos and video.

Sexy LFL playerLFL powerful cleveage

We all have seen the uniforms  in the Lingerie Football League and we all agreed that they are revealing but also make the perfect complement in the league, but the problem started with a story given by Smoking Gun, about declarations concerning of how the uniforms is inappropriate, and that both Mitchell Mortaza and his deputies have banned any type clothing or equipment that could avoid some nudity exposure  as well as any defamatory posting concerning Mortaza or any other directive in the LFL  or staff, any posting or comment will have repercussions like legal actions and fines up to $500.00. The statement given by SG was:

According to several former players, league founder Mitchell Mortaza and his deputies have repeatedly threatened legal action when players have complained (or simply inquired) about health coverage and wages. […] Mortaza, a former "Blind Date" contestant whose rap sheet includes drunk driving and public intoxication arrests, is the league’s chief enforcer. In an October e-mail to a player who had written to him about disorganized practices, Mortaza responded, "Let me give you a little advice and this goes for any other player creating unnecessary, drama. Simply SHUT UP and play football."

So if in the case of accidental nudity happening it will be o.k.

“Players shall wear wardrobe provided by Producer. In light of the foregoing, said wardrobe material shall be "non-see through" material. Player shall not wear any additional garments under wardrobe provided by Producer without prior written consent from Producer. Should Player violate this clause, Player shall be fined a total sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per occurrence. Player has been advised and hereby acknowledges that Player’s participation in the Event and the related practice sessions and Player’s services and performances hereunder may involve accidental nudity. In light of the foregoing, Player knowingly and voluntarily agrees to provide Player’s services hereunder and has no objection to providing services involving Player’s accidental nudity.”

After this news was presented, the LFL acted  back with the intervention by Stephon McMillen where the LFL stated that these accusation were given by a former football player who tried to re enter the league and was declined.

So regarding these accusations the LFL does not approve any wardrobe under their uniforms to avoid sponsorship conflicts, but they provided appropriate under garment to avoid any nudity exposure, as well as certified health care, doctors to treat minor and mayor injuries, any player describes the opportunity of be a part of the LFL as the greatest opportunity of their lives as well as a great chance to get noticed and famous in their hometowns and the rest of the U.S, in conclusion Mr. McMillen  certifies that the LFL does not take advantage of their players in any way, but give them the most exciting and promising opportunity in their athletic and celebrity career.

LFL sexy gatheringLFL another sexy gatheringLFL on the moveLingerie Football League 1LFL players on the groundLingerie Football League 2

Check out some “Sexy” photos here plus the steamy video below.


Lingerie Football League Video

Photos: Johnny Louis/, WENN,

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