Elin Nordegren Divorce: Tiger Woods Splits With Wife!

December 19, 2009

Rumors of an Elin Nordegren divorce with Tiger Woods heated up the internet this week. Like much of the latest Tiger Woods news, it is difficult to distinguish facts from rumors but we can explain the sources of these reports and tell you what we do know. Have Elin Nordegren and Tiger split up for good?

Elin Nordegren divorce

Elin Nordegren is expected to meet with famed celebrity divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope within days. He is an institution among Hollywood stars who has represented everyone from Cary Grant to Britney Spears. He would make a golf game the last thing on her husband’s mind.

Reports that Elin has decided on a split began with reports in an European tabloid who originally broke the Tiger Woods scandal. A London-based news service, the Daily Mirror reported that Elin will file for divorce in California rather than Florida. California is a community property state where the wife is entitled to half of everything a husband earns during marriage.

The rumor was fueled further in People magazine and ABC News. One quotes sources saying that she “plans to leave Tiger” while the other reports that an Elin Woods divorce with Tiger is “100 percent on.”

Tiger Woods net worth is reportedly over a billion dollars and his earning since the marriage vows in 2004 are well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. She stands to clean up as Sorrell Trope is the right man for this job.. She is apparently able to file in the state of California because the couple have significant assets there.

Whether or not she actually files for divorce will be known when it happens. Divorce filings are a matter of public record, and although the details will probably be sealed by Tiger Wood’s lawyers, the basic facts of their split will be known to the public.

Who can blame her? While bookies are already taking odds on an Elin Nordegren divorce filing, it would be no surprise given the damage done to their marriage by multiple Woods’ mistresses.

Tell us what you think about a Tiger Woods split with his wife. Would Elin Nordegren be a saint or a dummy to stay in this marriage?

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