Chris Henry 911 call audio

December 21, 2009

Police have just released audio from two 911 calls placed the night of the accident involving Chris Henry, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, and his fiance Loleini Tonga. The first call was from a woman following the truck and the other was from a man near the area where Henry was lying in the road after falling off the truck. Read more and hear audio below.

As more details come to light we can start to put together what really went down on the night of the 16th. As I read the initial reports I was under the impression that Chris had somehow fallen out of the back of the truck soon after jumping in. The newly released audio sheds some light on the situation.

First of all, the first call comes from a lady who was following the truck driven by Loleini. The woman describes Henry beating on the truck’s window as his fiance turns onto Oakdale Avenue. It is not known how long after they left Henry’s residence that this first call is made, but it does show me that Henry was able to maintain his balance in the back of the vehicle as it cornered and it seems Loleini was not driving erratically.

Furthermore according to ESPN their neighbor, Lee Hardy, stated he overheard Henry yelling “If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself,” as they pulled away from their house. Whoa!

About a minute after the first 911 call, the police received a second call from an unidentified male reporting that there was a seemingly unconscious man (Henry) lying in the middle of the road. It’s not crazy to think that somewhere in the minute between the calls that Henry jumped from the truck in frustration and sustained his ultimately fatal injuries.

Now it is very possible that due to having a broken arm and some possible erratic driving by his fiance, he may have fallen out of the truck inadvertently. However, after hearing these calls it does seem to indicate that there is a possibility that he jumped intentionally. I guess we will have to wait until we hear from Loleini to find out more about what really happened that night. What do you think? Listen to the audio here:

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