Amaia Salamanca is Sergio Ramos Ex-Girlfriend Video.

December 17, 2009

Amaia Salamanca is the sexy Spanish model and actress who was dating Real Madrid’s Right Back Sergio Ramos, she is sexy, blond irresistible and now she is allegedly dating Sergio Ramos’s Team mate Jose Maria Gutierrez A.K.A “Guti”. Keep reading to know about Amaia, her life, Romances, and much more, plus photos and Video Below.

Amaia Salamanca

Allow me to tell you a bit more about this gorgeous Espanola. Amaia Urizar Salamanca was born in Madrid on March 28, 1986. Amaia defined herself as an outgoing girl, open, energetic and eager to learn. Professionally inexperienced defined as SMS was her first acting job. She had never thought of engaging in interpretation, the casting of SMS was her first audition, and it appeared by surprise. At first it was something hard, but gradually with the help of her companions became accustomed to every day on a set and has learned much. But it did not begin or end in SMS.

Before making her first role on a television series Amaia had already worked in advertising campaigns for large companies like Tampax, Hunter and Gatti , Mustang, Telecable and Movistar, participated in the video clip in Anxiety, Antonio Romero, Marco worked as a model Aldany in three exhibitions, and also has been the signature image of Blue Image.
Similarly, when completed SMS, Amaia has continued to work in the world of television and produced a record called What can I say, with Raul Pena and Maria Castro, all SMS members. She had several sequences in the popular series Los Hombres de Paco and is now working on a new project called Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso, in what role. This latter work is offered by Telecinco.
Amaia had also experimented her talent on the theater when she participated this year in “La Marquesa de la O”

Importantly, besides her work as an actress, Amaia Salamanca is also studying business administration and law, a double major. It is difficult to combine studies with work but intends to finish them because who knows what the future holds.

About her love life we know that she used to date Real Madrid Sergio Ramos, who when they were dating introduced his beautiful girlfriend to his team mates including Guti, who sources have told is dating Amaia now but Is that true?

Let’s see Guti has not played but filled the tabloids with his alleged romances. The last romance that have been related to the footballer is Amaia Salamanca, the Spanish hottie who I told you before used to date Sergio Ramos. The last relationship that Guti had was with 20 year old Paula Alonso.
Guti who seems to follows  his statements about his passion for the night met Paola in a night club, but today The Real Madrid player is single since he broke the relationship with Arancha de Benito.
According to rumors, Guti and Amaia Salamanca shared kisses and caresses few days ago in the Madrid nightclub ‘Buddha’. And I told you before as well Guti knew Amaia since she was dating Sergio Ramos, Guti’s friend and companion in Madrid. 
All indications are that Guti and Paula have broken and the footballer has found support in Amaia Salamanca’s arms. What is clear is that the  stunning actress is a Real Madrid fan.

Amaia Salamanca 1Sergio Ramos with Real Madrid

Check out some Photos here plus the Amaia’s “Extremely Hot” Videos Below.

Amaia Salamanca’s Sexy FHM Video

Amaia Salamanca Video

Photos: Mol

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