Tiger Woods Sponsorship with Accenture is Canceled

December 15, 2009

After all these scandals that got worse every day, we all knew, and even Tiger, that his career was in jeopardy and with it its many million-dollar contracts with their sponsors, now one of its strongest sponsors has closed the doors to the famous golfer. Keep Reading to know the rest of this story, plus photos and video below.

Golfer Tiger Woods

The scandals around golfer Tiger Woods, his alleged harem of mistresses and marital crisis, has put his personal life under the scrutiny and the shrillness of the gossip press, and appalled some of its major advertisers.

His battered image has deteriorated further in recent weeks and three of the major sponsors of Woods (Gatorade, Gillette and Accenture) recently decided to either ignore his charismatic presence or limit his appearances in advertising programs.
The last to leave the sinking ship of Woods has been the consulting firm Accenture, they announced that it has decided to break the sponsorship contract they had with golfer Tiger Woods after the athlete announced his retirement from the professional tour for an undetermined period.
In a statement, Accenture said that "given the circumstances of the last two weeks and after having thought and careful analysis, the company has decided he is no longer adequate for our advertising representative.

"Over the past six years, Accenture and Tiger Woods have maintained a very successful sponsorship agreement and his accomplishments in the golf circuit has been a powerful metaphor for business success in advertising Accenture," said the multinational, who bet almost entirely by the golfer for their marketing plans.

The announcement comes a day consultant after one of the main sponsors of Tiger Woods, Gillette decided to "limit" the golfer’s role in advertising.
Gillette, of the multinational Procter & Gamble, said in a statement that it respects and supports the desire of Tiger Woods to get away for an indefinite period of public attention thus "limits its role in our marketing programs.

"In the midst of a difficult and unfortunate situation, we respect the step that is giving Tiger to regain the trust of his family, friends and fans," said Gillette spokesman Michael Norton.

This scandal has begun to seriously harm its relationship with its sponsors. The first company to cancel its collaboration with the athlete was Gatorade, on Tuesday.
In a statement announced it will eliminate its sports drink ‘Gatorade Tiger Focus’ along with other products, but said the decision was taken months ago and had nothing to do with the scandal and was due rather to "create space" for launch of other brands in 2010. Telecommunications company AT & T, meanwhile, supports the decision of the golfer, but said in a statement it was "evaluating" its contractual relationship with the athlete.

All this makes us wonder now who are still supporting Tiger Woods?

But not all big supporters leaves Woods in the wrong hole, so in this morbid soap opera, the Swiss brand Tag Heuer watches today announced that it will keep its contract with Woods is good news for the athlete at a desperate moment in which he does not quite know how to rebuild their tarnished image.

"He is the best in the business and respect your sports role," he said in a statement a spokesman for the company, adding that the "personal problems" Woods are not subject to the mark.

Similarly, Nike, which signed in 2006 a multi-year contract with the athlete, Woods backs, which he described as "the best golfer in the world and one of the best athletes of his era."
But the fact is that the scandals of skirts and, perhaps, that sort of model life pretending that you represent are going through a painful and expensive bills the number one spot of golf, who cultivated an image always jealous of their privacy and with aura moral righteousness.

For the first time in the history of his extraordinary career, his personal life has gone to his sporting achievements on the cover of the media, especially those of sensational stamp, although it has managed to silence at least the very nosy British press.
Nobody knows for sure if Woods, the world’s highest-paid athlete, managed to overcome and manage the situation and contain the flood of information and commentary media paving. But that leaves no doubt his personal crisis is that it is taking its toll economically as well.

Tiger Woods for a Japanesse adTiger Woods in a Public Appereance in Las VegasTiger Woods and At t Chairman

Check out Some photos here and the sponsorship of Accenture been canceled with Tiger Video.


Tiger Woods losses Accenture Sponsorship Video


Photos: Judy Eden/WENN, Carrie Devorah/WENN,/WENN,www.WENN.com

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