Amanda Riguetti:The Mentalist Actress and Wrestler

December 14, 2009

Amanda Riguetti enjoys acting and movie producing but lately sexy Amanda has been experimenting the wild side of wrestling. Keep Reading to know the rest of Amanda’s wild side plus pictures and video below.

Amanda RiguettiAmanda Riguetti 1

Amanda is famous for her role in the O.C and Friday the 13th and certainly along Simon Baker as Gracie Van Pelt on The Mentalist as well as being a producer, but Amanda recently discovered how much fun she gets by watching wrestling.

Amanda’s knock-out features and sexy body have been selected by FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women where she ranked in place 59 in 2005 and the next year in the 84 place, and also made it in the Cover of the November edition at FHM in 2005. This year Amanda enlightened us with her presence in Maxim Magazine, Vegas Magazine and LAX.

As well as Amanda Riguetti’s sculptural body on the November edition at UFC magazine, where she said that one thing she enjoys the most after watching wrestling was throwing a few punches of her own, that’s what brought her to the art of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a contact sport and not a martial art. Its sense of contact sport and entertainment show is the current way of understanding this activity. Muay Thai has become a national symbol of history and identity of the Kingdom of Thailand. Their roots are in Muay Boran, alternative and traditional martial art in turn, today the discipline complements the Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is full of different techniques. The contemporary adaptation as a sport is similar in principle to boxing, but after seeing it and analyzing it, it is a sport of varying complexity and strict discipline. Note that it is now regarded as the most effective sport contact versus other disciplines as long as rules are marked up, or failing that a fight is done this way, that means no submissions or ground fighting. In this discipline you can use all the body’s extremities such as hand, elbow, arm, foot, leg and grab the opponent, to project and collect points, or try the top of the sport, this is known as "plum" and is the way to grab the opponent’s neck and trying to hit him with the knee in the face or body including legs, this is known worldwide as "clinch".

The pounding hip kick down is called "tebianlan" from the hip to the chest "tebiancon" or also sometimes called "lucky" and chest up "tebianbon. Beatings with fists are: "Direct and Jab Jab arm being ahead of our guard, and Direct arm backward.

The techniques used are: Skills and Techniques Grip Design, with an option to throw the opponent to the ground, this must be done by hitting the points of support or bring down entire body without going to "tackle". It is noteworthy that is forbidden to hit the opponent when it is dropped or at least one knee on the ground.

Amanda likes Muay Thai that much that now she even has her own Muay Thai gym.

Amanda Riguetti in a chic blu dressAmanda Riguetti in sexy hot dressAmanda Riguetti looking so hot.Amanda Riguetti sexy picDazziling Amanda RiguettiSophisticated Amanda Riguetti

Check out Some “hot” Photos of Amanda and the steamy video Below.

Amanda Riguetti Sexy Video

Photos: Nikki Nelson/ WENN, Apega / WENN, Dimitri Halkidis / WENN, FayesVision / WENN, Jody Cortes / WENN, Andres Otero / WENN,

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