Tiger Woods’ Mother-in-Law Update: Hopping Mad (Photos)

December 12, 2009

Here is the latest news on Barbro Holmberg, otherwise known to the world as Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law. See the photos and video report about who must be the most scandalized mother-in-law in the world today.

Tiger Woods mother in law
Picture: Barbro Holmberg

She has had quite a time lately watching her daughter Elin Nordegren put up with Tiger Woods affairs and mistresses, so much so that the latest news is it put her in the hospital. She was admitted on December 7th to Health Central Hospital while visiting Tiger Woods’ home in Florida. She was admitted for stomach pains and released after 12 hours of observation by hospital staff. She is reportedly doing better now.

And what respectable mother-in-law would not have stomach pains and chest pains too after learning the antics of her daughter’s heel of a husband? She took the first plane from Sweden to comfort her daughter during this awful ordeal when it broke into the news. Now Tiger Woods can count an elderly woman among the casualties of his cheating affairs.

At last count there were 13 Tiger Woods mistresses who admitted it. These are just the Tiger Woods affairs who have claimed the dirty deed which might mean there are dozens and dozens of women around who are more respectable than to admit to being cheats. Some are reportedly hookers, and there are even rumors of Tiger Woods orgies and a Tiger Woods sex tape floating around the internet.

So far he has admitted only to “infidelity” so the rest is alleged and speculative at this point, although nothing would surprise me about Tiger Woods anymore. Hookers, orgies, and sex tapes? Sounds sadly believable.

By the way Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law is no ordinary person in Sweden. Barbro Holmberg’s biography includes several high-level government jobs in her past career. She is currently the Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy, which is part of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden. How’s that for an impressive job title?

To put it mildly she is reportedly hopping mad about the affairs. She may know a little about what men do given that she has been married three times herself.

So time for you to tell us what you think of Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law. After seeing the pictures and video, tell us what would you do in this situation to help your daughter if you were Barbro Holmberg?

Tiger Woods mother in law 1

(Video Report)
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