Duggars 19 Babies: Meet Josie Brooklyn Duggar!

December 12, 2009

And baby makes 19 Duggars! Meet Josie Brooklyn Duggar, the newest member of the Duggars family who was born on December 10th, 2009. Read all about her really huge family and premature birth while we admire the photo and listen to the video below.

duggars baby

Just 6 more Duggars and they will have a full squad for a football team including special teams and backup quarterbacks. We loathe to see the day but understand that you, dear readers, cannot get enough of the 19 Duggar babies. Why is beyond me.

They are the largest family in the nation after all, which means they are eating a lot of food and taking up a lot of stadium seats. They are the kind of family that is constantly getting up for hot dogs and pee pee, and blocking the aisles for us home team fans. Imagine sitting in a giant mini van and hearing “are we there yet” so many times each minute.

Josie Brooklyn Duggar makes for the latest Dugger baby. She has 18 siblings and 1 unfortunate niece who was born to Josh and Anna Duggar. No, not a case of inbreeding but instead she married into the family. But can you imagine being a niece to 18 aunts and uncles all pinching your cheeks and asking about your report card?

To continue her birth biography: Josie Brooklyn Duggar weighed only 1 pound 6 ounces at birth. She was way premature with the original due date in March 2010. As we lament the Duggars, we can be thankful for modern medicine which allows miracle babies to survive.

Pictures of the Duggar babies can be found all over the internet. We are boycotting their cuteness.

All of the Duggar children start with the letter J. Here is the complete list of baby names in order of seniority so Josie Brooklyn Duggar can keep things straight:

Joshua “Josh” James
Jana Marie
Jill Michelle
Jessa Lauren
Jinger Nicole
Joseph Garrett
Josiah Matthew
Jedidiah Robert
Jeremiah Robert
Jason Michael
James Andrew
Justin Samuel
Jackson Levi
Johannah Faith
Jennifer Danielle
Jordyn-Grace Makiya
Josie Brooklyn Duggar

So what do you think of the Duggars these days. Is Josie Brooklyn Duggar the unluckiest baby on the planet or what?

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One Response to “Duggars 19 Babies: Meet Josie Brooklyn Duggar!”

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    Sues Says:

    Disgusting to have this many children with all the poverty in the world. The Duggar parents simply have no self control.