Freestyle Motocross Pioneer Mike Cinqmars Dead at 31

December 11, 2009

Mike Cinqmars, who helped establish freestyle motocross as a mainstream sport, died today at the age of 31, but the contributions he made to the sport will live on forever. Read more below.

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This is an extremely tragic day for Cinqmars family, friends, and motocross fans. His untimely death came early this morning, according to several sources. The cause has yet to be confirmed, though an autopsy will occur at some point next week.

One of Cinqmars’ most memorable achievements took place at the 1999 X Games where he earned a silver medal. He finished just one notch below Travis Pastrana, but won over Brian Deegan. The second place finish brought with it a taste of recognition, but it wasn’t until he appeared in MTV’s “Senseless Acts of Video” that he was launched into the spotlight.

He summed up the fluidity of his career best in this statement, which was made in a interview with ESPN.

“I got the silver medal, and then from there the ball just kept rolling.”

It was Cinqmars’ passion for the biking that made him so brilliant at it. In fact, he stepped down from FMX competition because “the pressure” took away some of the enjoyment.

“I want to just go ride and have fun.”

It seems that was the motto he lived and died by.

As a biography:

Readers, there is little biographical information available about Mike Cinqmars, but this is what we do know – He was forced to quit FMX for good after suffering a broken back as a result of a miscalculated jump. He was extremely lucky not be paralyzed from the accident. Also, he accomplished his biggest goal in life, which was to be a homeowner amongst other things. This statement says it best:

“My biggest goal was to have a nice house that I could call my own and have all nice stuff in it, and to have a car and a truck, bikes and all that. I’ve got all that. I’ve got land, and it’s good to be able to have all that. It was a big goal of mine and I’ve done it.”

R.I.P. Mike Cinqmars. Please leave any condolences in the comment section below.

Find pictures and a video below.

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