Paul Buentello aka “The Headhunter” is UFC Fighter

December 10, 2009

Paul Buentello earned the nickname “The Headhunter” by always standing and banging with his opponents. At UFC 107 it will be do or die for the young Stefan Struve as he takes on Buentello. Read more below.

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Buentello was initially matched-up against Todd Duffee for his first fight sponsored by the Ultimate Fighting Championship since February of 2006. However, Duffee had to back out due to an injury. This resulted in Struve (18-3-0, 2-1 UFC) prematurely (?) stepping up to the plate to brawl against a better-seasoned Buentello.

So who will win this fight? Like I said, Buentello has a ton of experience over Struve, but the fact of the matter is, he hasn’t fought inside the organization for almost four years. While his opponent has experienced recent success in the UFC, winning two straight, all the while flaunting an impressive overall MMA record. So, who knows? Perhaps the youngster will surprise us.

The Texas native discussed his regret for quitting the organization in a recent interview with, saying:

“I was known as an MMA fighter and not as a UFC fighter. I was fighting just as hard, but the branding and the recognition just wasn’t there for the hard work that I was putting out there. It’s a different atmosphere when you’re known as an MMA fighter as opposed to being known as a UFC fighter. And that’s a difference I missed.”

As a biography:

When was Paul Buentello born? January 16, 1974. Where? Amarillo, Texas. Height 6ft 2in. Weight 235 lb. MMA record: (34-10). Evan Tanner was a schoolmate of his. From the time of his debut he quickly earned a shot at the Ultimate Fighting Championship title, but was beat by Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski.

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Check out pictures and a YouTube video of Paul Buentello highlights below.

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Photos: Rachel Worth/

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